What’s up, duck?

Shanley Dellinger of Stockton, left, is helped by friend Camille Cornell to nurse a duck back to health by feeding it some water at Grupe Park in Stockton.

Sometimes pictures can just jump out at you. Other times it can take a little more advanced observation skills. The other day I was cruising around Stockton looking for a stand alone picture. I pulled into the parking lot at Grupe Park and scanned the park, left to right. First, kids on the playground. Then, a small group of young men playing football. Next, two young women sitting on the grass. Finally, people gathering for a baseball practice. Not much, photo-wise, time to leave. Before putting the car in gear, I take another quick visual once-over of the park. Playground, football, young women with a duck, practice. Wait, back up. One of the young women, whose back was towards me, turned to reveal that she was holding a duck. Not something you see everyday. I walked over and asked why she had the duck. She told me the duck, which she name Jesus (hay-sus), had been stepped on by a horse at a farm in Galt where she worked. It’s neck and bill were injured in the incident and she was nursing it back to health. Sometimes it pays to take a second look at things.

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