Flaming guitar

Adolfo Valenzuela performs in the band Reflejo Norteno at the Casa Mexicana restaurant in Lodi.

Sometimes it is more difficult to get an exciting picture than others. My assignment was to get a shot of the band Relfejo Norteno during a performance in Lodi. Most concert settings, the stage lighting can be pretty good, especially for the big names. This venue, a restaurant, was small with most of the space delegated for dancing. The local band was good but they didn’t have much room to move around and I wanted to capture how lively their music was. It was very dark. There were some colored disco/strobe lights and that was about it. My exposure was a very long one second (normally shutter speeds are measured in 100ths of a second). I used a flash and I moved the camera to create a “painting with light” effect to make Adolfo Valenzela’s guitar look like it was shooting fire.

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