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Country star to take Stockton on his ride

Brantley Gilbert, the Academy of Country Music’s “best new male vocalist” in 2013, brings his Let It Ride tour to Stockton Arena on April 24. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday. Gilbert, a 29-year-old native of Jefferson, Ga., is touring with Thomas Rhett (Akins Jr.), from Valdosta, Ga., and Eric Paslay, from Abilene, [...]

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Food day leftovers

The Sloppy Joe story we are running in Wednesday’s Record had me at hello. I remember being served the canned version and happily eating it as a child; definitely was disgusted by the school cafeteria’s version though. These “grown up” sloppies seem amazing. I love the new food craze of late that twists recipes and [...]

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A secret that’s really not

A recent study, which is published in today’s Record on Page A2, finds children need a consistent bedtime basically or else they will go cray cray on you. Um, yes. Rocket science, right? These, I’m sure highly paid, scientists behind this study say a majority of behavioral problems are stemming from kids going to sleep [...]

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Fun bites

Ensuring my 3-year-old grazer was eating in balance was starting to become a bit of a challenge. She’d eat a decent amount for breakfast and ate well at dinner, but lunch was sometimes tricky. I’d keep track mentally of all that she stuffed every so often into her little chipmunk cheeks. Her half sandwich would [...]

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The value of empathy

Syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette of San Diego offers an interesting look at struggling parents and the needs for patience and empathy in our society. I couldn’t agree more — and on so many levels. Yes, there are a lot of douche-bag “guardians” but there also is a group of caring and loving families taking care [...]

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Chowin’ down like Alton Brown

Now that my son is eating solid foods, I’ve been getting creative. I occasionally will buy the pre-made baby food, but quite regularly I make his food as I did for our daughter. Now, don’t think I’m all fancy and stuff. It’s not like that. I’m cheap, really. Also, I like to get dirty. Baby [...]

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Teach your children well

When I signed on to do this blog, I had no initial intent to parent bash, because I figure plenty of people on the Internet are better equipped to cover the politics of the child raising industry than I. And Lord knows no one is perfect and everyone has different parenting styles that work for [...]

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More the merrier

In tomorrow’s Record, page B3, is an article on an interesting study about how kids learn a lot of helpful life skills from being in a family with more than one sibling. Marriages for the children of multiple sibling homes were less likely to end in divorce because the children had learned how to handle [...]

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Fostering hope

I spoke with a social worker recently about foster care and the details of her job. I certainly admire her strength in dealing with some of the crazy situations she has faced in her job. I couldn’t believe it when she told me that some people who chose to foster — not even the real [...]

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Spinning around

I could have kissed a coworker and I nearly broke down and cried when she gave me a compliment on my hair and dress the other day. “You always look so put together,” she smiled as we passed. My heart stopped. What!? Ah, please say that again. For one, I didn’t even remember what I [...]

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