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The Medal of Honor

Do you know a Medal of Honor recipient? Do you know someone who’s been honored with a stamp? I do now. Stockton resident Richard Pittman has been honored with an inclusion on a sheet of stamps honoring Vietnam veterans who were awarded the military’s highest accord. Because he was unable to attend a Memorial Day [...]

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New voting methods will work

I have voted in every General Election for the last 20 years, and since that time I’ve been shocked at the number of people I’ve encountered who have said that heading to the polls has been a hassle for them on election day. It’s been a lot of people. I had coworkers at the Independent [...]

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My past journalistic experiences with crash suspect

Monday was a rare occasion in which I was able to cover a court appearance for the Record. I’ve covered court cases before, including the Gwen Araujo murder retrial in Alameda County, a few small-time bank robbery arraignments in the same county, as well as the arraignments for the pipe bomb suspect who was arrested [...]

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It’s a small world

Today I received a call from First 5 San Joaquin executive director Lani Schiff-Ross. When she identified herself, I thought she was going to note a small error in a story I wrote regarding the Head Start Development Council’s plan to pursue a grant through her agency (that small error will be clarified in another [...]

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Head Start rumors

Since my last article about the Head Start Child Development Council ran, I’ve received a couple anonymous phone calls from employees alleging the agency is charging them $8.50 to attend a close-out picnic June 13. I’ve contacted HSCDC executive director Linda Butterfield this morning for a statement or response to this claim. She confirmed there [...]

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News-Sentinel sold

I was at lunch today in Lodi with my excellent Record colleagues when members of the Lodi Police walked in and congratulated me on today’s sale. I guess they thought I was still at the News-Sentinel, even though they had congratulated me when it was let out I was moving onto the Record! Through the [...]

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Stockton’s library deficit

Last night I attended the San Joaquin County League of Women Voters’ annual meeting, where new city librarian Suzy Daveluy and Strong Libraries=Strong Communities chair Mas’ood Cajee spoke about the Stockton/San Joaquin County library system. Cajee brought up some interesting statistics about libraries in other cities and compared them to Stockton. What I found most [...]

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Moving supervisors meetings?

Last week Stockton City Councilman Moses Zapien released a statement calling for a new start time for San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors meetings. It’s an interesting idea. Zapien would like to move meetings from their current 9 a.m. start to sometime in the evening, preferably after 5 p.m. He said it would give county [...]

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Reader reaction to Memorial Day listing

I received a few calls today from residents asking why I didn’t include certain Memorial Day ceremonies or why a lot of information was left out of an entry in today’s “Showing Respect” article — I feel bad, but what was listed today were all the events submitted to us by cities and organizations [...]

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Lots of events planned for Memorial Day

I think a lot of people take Memorial Day for granted. to many, it’s just another day off from the grueling work week — at least, that’s how it felt to me growing up on the Bay Area’s San Mateo peninsula. You’d be hard-pressed to find a memorial ceremony down there. Out here in San [...]

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