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A native of Pacifica, he lives in Lodi with his wife Lorraine. He’s covered just about every journalism beat in the Bay Area since 2000, as well as in the Lodi-Stockton area since 2013. He has a large collection of Judge Dredd comics, Spaghetti Westerns, NWOBHM albums and disappointing San Jose Sharks memories, all of which will not be mentioned in this blog.

Winn not attending event with Ann Coulter

San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors chairman Chuck Winn emailed me after deadline Tuesday to let me know he will not be attending an April 28 event in Modesto where Ann Coulter will be a guest. Yesterday, a few Hispanic residents of San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties asked our county supervisors not to attend the […]

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No one to ‘blame’ for the election

I usually don’t express my political views because I try to be as neutral as I can as a journalist. However, I wanted to give my thoughts about last night’s presidential election. It seems on my personal Facebook page, a lot of my Democrat friends are posting their anger and looking for someone to blame, […]

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SEIU says mediation, or lack thereof, is cause for disruptions

Last week, some Service Employees Union International 1021 members called me to tell me my article on how San Joaquin County will deal with future major disruptions at supervisors meetings wasn’t too sympathetic to their cause, and I’m erroneously making the county out to be the victim. I was then told I was printing […]

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Explaining yesterday’s wine ordinance vote.

While San Joaquin County Supervisors yesterday unanimously voted to approve revisions to the county’s winery ordinance that defined events and set limits on guests and music, among others, the discussion to get there took a lot longer than you can imagine. The final 5-0 was reached only after supervisors voted to amend some aspects of […]

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SEIU storms county building, demands contract

The local SEIU 1021 was back out in the streets again on Aug. 17. Members gathered in front of the San Joaquin County Administration Building at 44 N. San Joaquin St. at noon on for a rally, demanding the county’s labor negotiation team head back to the bargaining table with a better contract to offer […]

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Calculating SEIU pay raises

We received an email last Friday asking why readers are never told the pay scales currently used in my SEIU strike coverage last week. The reason is simple. There are six bargaining units in the SEIU, with at least 59 different job classifications ranging from lab techs to building inspectors to probation officers to mental […]

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FPPC reports slightly off

Ah, election time, when people want to know which candidates are spending how much on what, and who is donating to whom. My story Monday regarding campaign finances for San Joaquin County Supervisor candidates has erroneous figures with regards to cash on hand. What happened was total expenditures for the year-to-date were subtracted from the […]

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Probation officers pay raises

In Monday’s article regarding pay increases for San Joaquin County probation officers,, I unknowingly omitted how much officers currently make, and how much they stand to make with the increase. There are four probation officer position classifications, as well as part-time officers. Each position has five steps or pay grades. Here is what the […]

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South Burkett Avenue house ordeal continues

Late Monday, I received a call from Doris Carollo,the Visalia resident who has control over a house on S. Burkett Ave. in Stockton. While she appreciated my effort to relate the ordeal she is going through with a local investor, she continued to attack the tenants who have moved in to her grandmother’s home […]

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Medical marijuana cultivation banned in San Joaquin County

All cultivation of medical marijuana is banned in the county. My article in today’s Record states that commercial growers would be allowed to cultivate. However, that was based on the supervisors’ April 7 meeting in which the county ban was introduced. At that time, it appeared that only personal cultivation would be banned, pending approval […]

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