No one to ‘blame’ for the election

I usually don’t express my political views because I try to be as neutral as I can as a journalist. However, I wanted to give my thoughts about last night’s presidential election.
It seems on my personal Facebook page, a lot of my Democrat friends are posting their anger and looking for someone to blame, and that blame is solely directed at not only Trump supporters, but at Republicans in general.
I don’t think we should really be pointing the finger at anyone for what we witnessed this Election Day.
True, there were a lot of Republican constituents who were angry Obama was elected, hated all his proposals and policies, thought he was a Muslim or at least a Muslim sympathizer. And over his entire 8-year presidency, they remained angry at just about anything the man did.
in 2014, nearly a dozen Republicans announced their intention to run in 2016, claiming they heard what their constituents wanted, knew they were angry, and were going to take the country back.
And when Trump announced his candidacy 18 months ago, and came out swinging against the dozen or so fellow Republicans.
If those candidates really didn’t want him winning their party’s nomination, I really think they should have fought a little harder to keep him from winning.
After all his bullying and rhetoric, Republicans refused to stoop to his level, and I think their constituents saw that as a sign of weakness. Marco Rubio actually tried to fire back at Trump late in the game, which fired his camp up. However, days later he apologized and felt ashamed, and ultimately dropped out of the race.
I think the Republicans’ inability to go on the offensive against a political newbie hurt them in the end, but that’s just my opinion.
But I think Democrats and former Democrats played a part in last night’s results as well, and I think most of that is due to the Affordable Care Act.
When Obama announced his plans for overhauling our healthcare system, a lot of my liberal friends thought it was great, because we are going to get “free healthcare.”
But when the ACA passed, a lot of those friends were appalled to learn that if they didn’t have healthcare through their employer, they had to pay hundreds in premiums. They were under the impression we could sign up for healthcare at anytime — which wasn’t the case — and unaware that we’d be penalized on our tax returns if we hadn’t enrolled.
This angered quite a few Obama supporters I know, one of whom in 2014 admitted he was going to vote Republican all the way down the ticket during the next cycle because in his mind, the Obama administration lied to us.
Some of my friends received notices recently that those ACA costs are about to go up again, and this, I think, just added to their anger.
Overall, I think a lot of Democrats and Liberals were just as angry with the system as the Republicans and Conservatives, and that’s one of the factors of last night’s outcome.
There were a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters, too, who were upset Clinton won the primary, and could not bring themselves to jump on her bandwagon, even at the urge of their candidate to do so.
They thought the primary was rigged, and I think a lot of them looked to Trump — who was recently claiming the possibility of a rigged election — because he’d fight the system.
People on both sides of the political spectrum were angry at the system, and Trump played that to his advantage.
As a non-establishment Republican, he has promised not to cow-tow to lobbyists, improve the quality of life for Americans and reform the system so the people are heard, even though he ‘s presented no definite plan to do all of that.
We shouldn’t be looking to ‘blame’ anyone. We should look at the factors that caused such political upheaval in the first place.
The people wanted change 8 years ago and got it. And after those 8 years, they wanted another change. they certainly got it.

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