Ice Ice County

The ice-bucket challenges continue.

San Joaquin County Child Support Services Director Lori Cruz and the rest of the department’s management team lined up and got soaked this week, but not before throwing down the gauntlet to the executive management team at the Human Services Agency.

Besides the dousing, Assistant Director Regina Martin said the group is pooling some money to donate to fight ALS.

This was also an inter-county challenge. The Child Support Services folks named their counterparts in Stanislaus and Los Angeles counties, too.



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More ice buckets, challenges

City Councilwoman and San Joaquin County Supervisor-elect Kathy Miller joined the steady stream of local folks taking, then passing on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. So did Paul Canepa, the city of Stockton’s vice mayor.

Last week, county Supervisors Carlos Villapudua,  took the lead on the Board of Supervisors, dousing himself and challenging his colleagues on the board, in addition to every elected official in the county.   Ken Vogel took a measured approach to the challenge, dousing himself with a cup of ice, in the name of the drought.

At his soaking last week, Record Editor Mike Klocke challenged Canepa and Miller, along with Mayor Anthony Silva, to the challenge.

Since then, both Canepa and Miller have posted their challenges online. They both challenged Stockton City Manage Kurt Wilson to the take the bucket. Canepa challenged City Attorney John Luebberke and City Clerk Bonnie Paige. For her part, Miller challenged Supervisor Steve Bestolarides and Ripon Mayor Chuck Winn. Winn is running against Lodi businessman Russ Munson for a seat on the board.

Here are the videos:

And this:

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A drought-conscious response to the ice bucket challenge

San Joaquin County Supervisor Ken Vogel donated $125 and dumping a cup of ice over his head today, responding from Supervisor Carlos Villapudua’s passing of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Thursday. Villapudua got soaked, then challenged the Board of Supervisors and all the elected officials in San Joaquin County.

Vogel is one of the county’s lead people on water issues, always top among county issues, but even more during the current drought. “I Since we are in a drought, I did a cup of ice,” he said. He didn’t pass the challenge on to anybody else.

He posted the photo on his Facebook page.


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(Video) Monkeys get a homegrown treat

Staff at Micke Grove Zoo started an in-house garden this year, using compost made from scraps from the zoo’s kitchen. Here’s the story that ran this week.

The zoo’s spider monkeys love the garden’s bell peppers. Here’s the monkey’s getting a treat.


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Supervisor’s ice-bucket challenge

Supervisor Carlos Villapudua donated $100 to fight ALS and was doused in ice water, and he challenged his colleagues on the Board of Supervisors to do the same. He challenged all of the politicians in San Joaquin County, actually. Here’s the video he posted on his facebook page:

Here’s a video I shot:

I’m not sure what the protocol is for multiple challenges, because some of the county’s got served an ice-bucket challenge by The Record’s own Mike Klocke took the challenge earlier on Thursday. He picked Kathy Miller, supervisor-elect and current City Council Member. He also challenged City Councilman Paul Canepa and Mayor Anthony Silva.

Cops reporter Jason Anderson was there, too. He challenged Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones along with Stockton PD’s Joe Silva and San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office’s Les Garcia. They are the agency’s public information officers.

Here’s that video.


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Tighter turns the spigot

San Joaquin County government is moving closer to putting mandatory water restrictions in place that could carry fines of up to $1,000 for violators. The Board of Supervisors gave its initial OK to a new water ordinance that includes four new stages of emergency measures to conserve water. County staff plans to recommend instituting the first stage next month.

Here are the conservation measures:


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(Video) Witnesses describe end of fatal pursuit

The hour-long pursuit after a Stockton Bank was robbed on Wednesday afternoon passed through a section of Thorton Road at least once before it ended near the Stockton Ballroom. At last update, a suspected bank robber and a hostage were confirmed dead.

Video shot from security cameras at Community Tire showed at least 50 police cars zipped past before the pursuit ended in a hail of bullets a little bit further down the road. Neighbors describing hearing gunfire from the speeding vehicles in the neighborhood, before the chase led up toward Lodi and back again.

Here are a couple of accounts from people gathered behind the yellow police tape after the pursuit ended.

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Red’s war on trash

Otis “Red” Shaw has lived in French Camp for all of his 65 years. He first started taking walks around the neighborhood to pick up trash when he was 9 years old. He’s done that off and on since then. But for the last year and a half he has been doing it as much as he can, in spite of some minor setbacks, like a broken hip.

I talked with him on his porch.


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(Video) Why we vote

Tuesday’s election in San Joaquin County had historically low turnout. But people did vote.

I talked to some of them on Tuesday after they voted.  A common theme among voters I ran across was a sense of duty and responsibility to do the act itself. In general, people voted because they vote. Not voting would have felt wrong to them.

Former City Councilman Clem Lee described it as the single-most important and first step to participate as a citizen.

Some didn’t vote alone, like Patricia Gamez, who came to vote with her mother Teresea Guzman.

Poll workers I spoke to were upbeat and seemed genuinely excited about the role they were playing as people cast their votes. Here’s Jerica White, who was at the polling place set up at the Whiskey Barrel on the Miracle Mile.

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Late mailers (Updated)

(UPDATE: Added a link to a better view of one mailer. Also added another mailer.)

We’re in the final stretch before voters hit the polls tomorrow, which means the last-ditch mailers have been hitting mailboxes. Some of those  have been sent by Vice Mayor Paul Canepa and City Councilwoman Kathy Miller in their contest for the District 2 seat on the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors.

Miller’s campaign has a Monopoly-themed mailer that unfolds into a poster-sized game board, with all the well-known properties replaced with Stockton locations. (Waterworks is Stockton Municipal Utilities District. Boardwalk is Brookside.)

At the center of the board is a list of the 2012 cost to provide pay and benefits to Stockton police employees.  We’ve seen the list in a previous mailer.  The current mailer reads: “For decades, Stockton public safety unions played Monopoly with taxpayers’ money. Kathy Miller championed fiscal reforms that helped dismantle Stockton’s $200,000 club — the elite club of Stockton police employees who earned more than $200,00 per year.” It goes on to tout Miller’s role in the fiscal reform at the city.

Both mailers are a response to an independent-expenditure group — Law Enforcement for a Safe San Joaquin — which has been supporting Canepa by attacking Miller with its own ads.

The last time Miller used those figures in a campaign mailer,  Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said it was a blow to department morale and made it harder to recruit much-needed officers.

Jones’ concerns resurfaced in a new mailer from the Canepa campaign. One side of the mailer focuses on the Jones response, and the other highlights Canepa’s position on crime, including his support of building modular units to add capacity at the San Joaquin County Jail. It’s an issue that has split candidates, and not just in this race.

(UPDATE: Here’s a link to an image of the Stockton Monopoly mailer that’s a clearer than my photos.

Here’s the Monopoly poster (click the thumbs for a larger image):






More from that:







And here is the Canepa mailer:







(UPDATE: Added a mailer sent by District 4 Candidate Manuel Lopez. He’s running against Chuck Winn and Russ Munson.)

Here’s a mailer that recently went out, according to the Lopez campaign.

There’s a second side to this mailer. I’m having some difficulty compressing the file to fit in the blog, though.

Here’s a link to the uncompressed file.



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