Local prosecutor challenges Calaveras judge

Good story on San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney challenging a Calaveras County judge in the election by former Record reporter Dana Nichols, who is now at the Calaveras Enterprise:


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City to adopt anti-human trafficking resolution

The City of Stockton is proposing a resolution in support of a “slavery-free,” anti-trafficking community.

City council members will vote on the decision at Tuesday’s 5:30 p.m. meeting.

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal activities in the world, the resolution states. And California is a major place for recruitment, transportation and solicitation point because of its ports, rural areas, dependency on farm laborers and because of its positioning to an international border.

“Human trafficking is a clandestine crime that thrives on secrecy and on teh social and physical isolation of its victims, making identification of victims, traffickers and their networks extremely challenging…by resolving that Stockton is committed to creating a ‘Slavery-Free,’ Anti-Human trafficking area, the City of Stockton will raise awareness and enhance education in teh community, the public and private sectors, and within government agencies; now, therefore,” the resolution says.

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Victim’s interview in search warrant

This is one of the search warrant returns The Record obtained in the People vs. Jaime Ramos case. We have chosen to withhold the names of the surviving victims; therefore, their names have been redacted in this report : Ramos search warrant return

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Health Care Facility warden has been reassigned

California Health Care Facility in Stockton is undergoing management changes. Warden Ron Rackley has accepted a position at Folsom. He will be replaced by Vacaville’s Warden Brian Duffy.

Rackley said his decision has nothing to do with issues at the facility, including scrutiny from the Prison Law Office, which is questioning inmate deaths that have occured at the facility since it opened last year.

The facility recently resumed medical and mental health admissions following a halt in intake due to inadequate and unsanitary conditions.

Rackley said Folsom is closer to his home and the position is one he has been wanting for some time.

Rackley spoke positively about his experiences both at the health care facility and at DVI, and talked about challenges in an interview.

The full story will be in Thursday’s paper. But in the meantime, here is a memo that went out after 5 p.m. Tuesday: DAI Managerial Assignments 08-19-14


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Snippet from interview with DA-Elect Tori Verber Salazar

On June 17, we published a Q&A with District Attorney-Elect Tori Verber Salazar, who will take office in January.

 We couldn’t publish all of it because of space. Here is a piece that didn’t make it on how things will change at the District Attorney’s Office:

 Q: What will your management style be?

Verber Salazar: “I believe in surrounding yourself with the best and the brightest people that you can find, but I also believe those people should be able to challenge themselves and challenge me to do more.

Our goal is to interview everyone in the office to see where they see the office going and where they see their position going and how we can develop better ways…

In the past, everyone in management was appointed by the District Attorney. We’re going to have open applications for management. We’re going to have two people appointed and the rest will submit an application, so anyone can apply for the position. We’re going to have oral interviews and a three-person management panel.

I’ve never been allowed to apply. It’s always been appointed.

And we will restructure our divisions, so work is a little bit easier to manage.

We’re going to be more technology driven: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…”

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Bank robbery suspect past records

Court records:






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James Willett made The Onion


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Gary Hickey’s campaign video

I haven’t been able to reach district attorney candidate Gary Hickey for the past few days. But this video appeared on Youtube Monday (6/2/14).

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He drank and drove for a good cause in 1984

I did a little archive search in our library and came across this clipping from March 22, 1984, when Gary Hickey was a deputy district attorney. He took part in a drinking and driving test in a program to promote safety: HickeyDriverSafety

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Trial briefs in Trulsson vs SJ County

Former assistant chief investigator Janis Trulsson won $2 million lawsuit against San Joaquin County on a claim her former employer, District Attorney James Willett, retaliation against her.

View their arguments:   JanisTrulssonTrialBrief     SJCountyTrialBriefTrulssonSuit

View the story: http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20140402/A_NEWS/404020323&cid=mostclicked


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