Local man’s letter on sheriff’s handling of “speed freak killer” case

Frank Gayaldo is a former bounty hunter, former San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office employee and currently works in the agriculture industry. He is a vocal critic of Sheriff Steve Moore.

“Dear Ms. Ford, Press Secretary for AG Kamala Harris,

Yesterday the Stockton Record suggested that concerns over the alleged gross mishandling of the speed freak killer case would best be investigated by an outside agency. Concerning how many family members have been lied to about remain notifications, the multiple law enforcement officials (including one from Nevada) that say Moore obstructed their ability to conduct their investigations, and the Sheriff’s own bizarre behavior which included pulverizing a crime scene, I must agree.

Senator Galgiani immediately responded publicly by suggesting the U.S. Attorney would be the logical agency to review the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Moore retorted with claims he has already been having conversations with CAL DOJ supervisors about this (is that true?) and would prefer that your agency handle the investigation instead.

Yet the county is fighting in federal court to keep records sealed and even CAL DOJ employee depositions from being made public, making the Sheriff’s claimed gracious preference absurd at best. The sheriff’s duplicitous behavior makes absolutely no sense, unless of course the county is now willing to release the information they have been paying private attorneys to hide from the public.

My personal concern is that your press office claims the Sheriff utilized a purported 2010-2012 Cal DOJ unwritten missing persons policy that was based on partial remains recovery when there were no known partial remains recovery as of 9/10/10.(See attachment).  I am therefore questioning if Cal DOJ is the right agency to initiate this investigation since there is an apparent conflict of interest as your office clearly is having trouble explaining just exactly what your missing persons policy was at the time. (See link to my latest column below.) Would AG Harris agree, or does she even know about this?  Maybe you were acting hastily (but without malice) on your own, or did someone else supply you with this nonsensical information about “partial remains recovery”? Again, your previous written comments to the press that can be found at the bottom of the attachment simply do not reconcile with any known timelines. Does CAL DOJ somehow have some partial remains of the five known deleted names in question that the public does not know about? Did the Sheriff claim he had discovered partial remains at the time he was canceling records? What other evidence did SJSO allegedly  “transfer” to CAL DOJ between 2010 and 2012? These questions must be answered sooner or later.

On 4/14/15 I verified with the FBI in West Virginia that the Sheriff’s bizarre definition of “cancellation” does not match up with the NCIC manual whatsoever. I am happy to share with you portions of our written correspondence if you have questions about this. Apparently Moore’s definition of cancellation only matches up with your press office’s purported “informal” policy that it appears your own employees did not even know existed. (See Kaycee Leonard’s emails to Chanda Bassett.) Regardless of who is mistaken, NCIC policies supersede CAL DOJ’s policies, would you agree?

You have failed to acknowledge my April 7, 2015 email and multiple subsequent emails and calls to you, but maybe you will have more time to assist the media I am privately copying.  I am also openly copying Sheriff Moore, his loyal undersheriff John Picone, his personal driver and public information officer Les Garcia, his County Counsel, and apparently his San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors so all can be fairly prepared for this simple question: If transparency, truth and justice is truly the goal, wouldn’t it benefit all investigations to allow CAL DOJ employee Kaycee Leonard, along with her supervisor Erin Brooks, to openly provide testimony that the public could read? It appears that Kaycee was being very honest, professional, but direct in her 3/14/2012 email exchange with SJSO detective Chanda Bassett. Conversely, Chanda said some things that creates more questions than answers. I like Chanda. I wish she would come forward now so she doesn’t get in any more serious trouble. I fear that Sheriff Moore is going to throw her under the bus.


I fully anticipate I will be retaliated against for whistle blowing so I am hoping this level of transparency will provide me at least some level of protection. Please feel free to scroll down to end of this email to read my latest column.

Based on your past performance, I do not anticipate much consideration, but I do thank you for your time.


Frank Gayaldo”

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