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Tweeting bin Laden’s demise

My colleague Kevin W. Hecteman passed on a link to me on Facebook this morning about the man who “unknowingly” tweeted the United States-led operation that lead to the death of Osama bin Laden. Sohaib Athar is now getting a lot of attention now. He continues to share photos, video and insight into the operation. […]

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Twitter, Facebook and doughnuts

Most avid doughnut lovers living in a 30-mile radius of March Lane know by now that Krispy Kreme, the national doughnut chain, is reopening its Stockton store on Nov. 16. We reported on both the closing of the location in 2007 and the announced reopening. And I’ll be out on Nov. 16 braving the cold […]

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Intention behind ‘I like it on…’ meme good, but message unclear

Frequenters of Facebook will remember a period at the beginning of Oct. 2009 when it seemed everyone on the social networking site was proclaiming their favorite color. “Blue!” “Purple” “Green” “Nude…” It went a little something like the above. People would log into their Facebook accounts and publish the color of a certain undergarment in […]

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How not to advertise your apartment

The second Tweet below caught my eye this morning; it references a standoff on Pershing Avenue. ApartmentsRent4 seems to imply that the Twitter account hypes apartments available for rent. If that’s the case, the user needs to update the settings on their Twitter bot.

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Web site aims to teach location tweeters a lesson

I’m guilty of this, which is why I feel compelled to blog about it. This morning, Stockton Tweeter Abraxas579 posted a link to an article about Please Rob Me, a Web site aimed at exposing the risk of posting your home location and then telling your friends where you are via tools like Foursquare. I […]

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Tracking the storm(s)

It’s wet outside. If you didn’t know that, you’ve probably been inside all day watching television, or sleeping, or doing something else. (I’m not judging, I could really go for some tube time right now, specifically to catch up on some of the prime-time television I’ve missed working nights lately.) While my window is leaking […]

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Video: Gov. Schwarzenegger in Stockton

UPDATE 11/5: If you do not see the video below click here to update your Flash player. You can find Kirk Barron’s videos here and here. 11/4: My colleague Kirk Barron will have high-quality video coverage of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s visit to Stockton shortly on Recordnet.com. The governor was here today for the grand opening […]

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