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Online Thanksgiving geekery

I’m a sucker for holidays. I’m not sure why, but when October rolls around I get really excited about family get togethers, days off and decorating. It’s also the time of the year I start searching for things to do online to burn time. (I’m not one to sit idle.) This past weekend, I turned […]

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Braden returns to St. Mary’s

Oakland A’s pitcher Dallas Braden went to the same elementary, middle and high school with me. We share mutual friends and acquanitances to this day. My brothers played at Hoover-Tyler Little League, though they were years behind, when he was playing there. Braden graduated a year before me from Stagg High School in 2001. I […]

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Thanksgiving – It’s fryin’ time!

Recently I came up with an idea for what could be the best Thanksgiving appetizer ever. It’s called the Mozzabacowing: A boneless, deep-fried chicken wing covered that’s coated in hot sauce, wrapped in bacon and then deep-fried a second time inside of a mozzarella stick. Awesome, right? Of course, not every Thanksgiving reveler can handle […]

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