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Halloween fun for the weekend

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love it because it also signals the beginning of fall. I used to love getting dressed up for it as a child. Now I love handing out candy and seeing all the cool Halloween costumes the neighborhood children wear. My love for Halloween was one of the reasons we […]

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I don’t want to be the crutch

I’m a runner. It’s my form of exercise and stress relief away from work. A short run for me is a five-mile jaunt around the city of Tracy. I run with two friends for six or more miles in Mountain House up to three times a week. I spend a lot of time putting foot […]

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Merry Cherpumple!

In November, Record copy editor Genette Brookshire and me embarked on a never-before-done fete for the newspaper. We baked and built a Cherpumple. The monster pie-cake, invented by Los Angeles humorist Charles Phoenix, was a crazy venture that took us nearly 10 hours when all was said and done. (To be fair, Genette did most […]

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I’m melting!

On Thursday I shot video of 55,000-pounds of snow being delivered for weekend activities happening on the Miracle Mile. The happenings start at 3 p.m. tomorrow. Record Managing Editor Don Blount was driving down Pacific Avenue on his way back to work a little while ago and shot this photo while traffic was stopped in […]

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Online Thanksgiving geekery

I’m a sucker for holidays. I’m not sure why, but when October rolls around I get really excited about family get togethers, days off and decorating. It’s also the time of the year I start searching for things to do online to burn time. (I’m not one to sit idle.) This past weekend, I turned […]

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More from Fresh Edibles Community Farm

My job is the epitome of awesome. In my nearly three years shooting video for The Record, I’ve shot video of John McCain speaking at the airport and Bill Clinton at University of the Pacific. I’ve followed a foster mother to nearly 150 children and her beautiful newly adopted daughter around for six months with […]

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Google shows ‘every search is a quest’

“You like this sort of thing,” my friend wrote in an email. Under it was a link to Google Search Stories, a fun and interactive way to make a short video based on a string of searches. “Every search is a quest. Every quest is a story. These videos show anyone can do anything when […]

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Training day(s)

Record Copy Editor Kevin W. Hecteman spent some time training in the Online Department over the past couple months working to learn how to shoot and edit video. The assignment was one of his own choosing, but it didn’t start that way. In February, Kevin and me ventured out to capture Dwight Richards, the savvy […]

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Tracking the 2010 Census

Today is the deadline to return your 2010 Census survey form, according to the United States Census Bureau. It’s not a strict deadline, but if you still haven’t returned your filled-in questionnaire, Census employees hired locally will begin to communicate with you in order to get the information back. This information is taken very seriously. […]

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Spring Break, with a little snow

Stockton education reporter Roger Phillips sent me this image a couple minutes ago, captioning it “driving home from Reno on I-80.” Roger is on vacation this week, as are all the students in Stockton Unified School District. My brother, a San Joaquin Delta College student, is also on spring break. From the looks of this […]

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