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Around town on Election Night

While ballots were being rounded up and counted, I swung by the gathering for Measure A and B supporters at Valley Brew and the Registrar of Voters Office in downtown Stockton. Here’s what some of the supporters had to say, as well as Austin Erdman, the county registrar of voters:

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Spot the pugs!

Zachary Johnson’s story today discusses the tiny pugs that have been Photoshopped into the covers of county budget books for years. See if you can spot them: Here’s the covers of three budget books (click on the images for a larger version).   I’ve got a pug of my own, so what a fun discovery! […]

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Pros of Cons

On Sunday, I was one of thousands of people who turned out for Stockton-Con at University of the Pacific’s Spanos Center. I was there shooting video for our website. But, in truth, as a die-hard geek, I would’ve been there regardless. Just a few weeks earlier, I made the trek down to San Diego for […]

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Read the small print

On Saturday, I went down to the Waterfront Warehouse for a miniatures show. You can view the video on One of the vendors, Don Hawke of Janadon Miniatures, approached me and asked about my media affiliation. When I told him I was with The Record, he presented me with this: Cool! Don and his […]

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Dell’Osso Family Farms open registration for September mud run

Things are going to get muddy again at Dell’Osso Family Farms in September. The farm will host another 5K Mud Run, this time sponsored and organized by the Dell’Ossos. The run happens Saturday, Sept. 22. Registration begins tomorrow at Prices for registration range from $45 for early bird to $75 for the latest registration, […]

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Conversion conundrum

We recently completed a project featuring extended excerpts of interrogation sessions with killers Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine. You can view the videos here. The eight videos run about an hour in total – trimmed from over 12 hours of footage (some of which was repetitive, and some of which was too graphic to run). […]

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Where Stockton ends

I have a soft spot in my heart for Stockton. I grew up here. I spent my elementary school days playing at Victory Park and getting followed by security guards (because we were a group of noisy children) at the Haggin Museum. I work here. But I don’t live here anymore. In 2008, my husband […]

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Catch you on the Flip side

Flip cameras have been around for several years now. I first purchased an SD one in 2007. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re pocket-sized digital camcorders. They’re made to be very simple to use. (Here’s a clue: That big red button means “record.”) Cisco, the company behind the cameras, decided last year to shut […]

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Today, the stories and obituaries at moved to a new commenting system, Real Tidbits. The Record’s 16-staff written blogs at will begin to move to the new system today as well, with completion scheduled for Thursday. Much remains the same from our previous Echo setup, but there are some notable changes that make […]

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Stopping Internet censorship

Today is one of those days when, no matter, what I have to use the Internet. It’s necessary to do my job. But today is also the day where several Internet-based companies and services are taking a stand against Congress, which is scheduled to vote on a bill that protestors say will threaten free speech. […]

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