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Going live

We work to update the website constantly with new stories, videos, photos and interactive projects. It’s not uncommon for us to be working on more than one project at a time. The website demands it. But we are usually tied to our desk computers. We don’t have a fancy news microwave truck to transmit […]

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Facebook and death

I’ll start this post with a sad fact: I’ve learned of two friends’ deaths from Facebook. The first was when Facebook was in its infancy and not that many people used it. I had just graduated from college when someone wrote a post on their wall saying the name of the person followed by “RIP.” […]

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Diffusion of innovation theory (or why I’m not excited about Google+)

I remember my Motorola Razr phone. It was sleek, stylish and small. It was a step in the right direction from my little cell phone that didn’t flip and, despite the keypad being locked, randomly called people on speed style. It was silver. Small (still the smallest phone I’ve owned). And it took me forever […]

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Twitter, Facebook and doughnuts

Most avid doughnut lovers living in a 30-mile radius of March Lane know by now that Krispy Kreme, the national doughnut chain, is reopening its Stockton store on Nov. 16. We reported on both the closing of the location in 2007 and the announced reopening. And I’ll be out on Nov. 16 braving the cold […]

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Intention behind ‘I like it on…’ meme good, but message unclear

Frequenters of Facebook will remember a period at the beginning of Oct. 2009 when it seemed everyone on the social networking site was proclaiming their favorite color. “Blue!” “Purple” “Green” “Nude…” It went a little something like the above. People would log into their Facebook accounts and publish the color of a certain undergarment in […]

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Scholarship established in memory of Tracy teen

I’ve interviewed Mike Pihlman, owner and founder of Altamont Cowork (formally Tracy Virtual Office), as a source in a couple stories in the past year or so. I knew him first on Twitter and then I met him – and several others from south county – during a TweetUp held at his 11th Street office […]

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Avoiding social media awkwardness

My five year college reunion is this weekend, which means I’m gearing up to see quite a few of my friends I haven’t seen in a long time. We’ve been communicating on Twitter, Facebook and – in rare cases – on MySpace. I blame my BlackBerry, but I’ve become more comfortable text messaging and emailing […]

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