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An introduction

Hi, I’m Genette. I’ve been a copy editor at The Record since July 2004 and today I take over as Online Editor at This is an exciting time for recordnet. We’ve introduced four new community bloggers and have several more to come. If you’re interested in writing about a particular topic, email me at […]

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  Check out The Record’s new tablet site now! The new site is designed for ease of use and to better highlight content on your tablet device. You can browse the stories, photos, videos and other features that matter to you. On an iPad, the first time you visit the site, you’ll get a […]

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Best nerdy gift ever

I got some really nice gift for Christmas, but one of my favorites is one I couldn’t resist buying for myself.

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You may have noticed a drastic change in The Record’s mobile site over the past 24 hours. Gone is the basic white background and article-only format. We replaced our original mobile site, built in 2009, with a new version on Tuesday. From a user standpoint, the new site is more appealing, easier to use and […]

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Catch you on the Flip side

Flip cameras have been around for several years now. I first purchased an SD one in 2007. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re pocket-sized digital camcorders. They’re made to be very simple to use. (Here’s a clue: That big red button means “record.”) Cisco, the company behind the cameras, decided last year to shut […]

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Lessons on love

On my wedding day in May 2008, I wore a simple string of pearls. The necklace had descending pattern to it, small beads at the top, larger beads where it draped over my neck. My sleeveless wedding dress brought attention the pearls. Few people knew that day those beautiful pearls belonged to my mother’s mother. […]

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Joleen Ruffin moves on from Tracy Island

It’s with some sadness I received an email announcement this week from Joleen Ruffin, the voice and motivation behind, saying she’d be turning over the site to someone new. Ruffin, top center, started the social networking site, utilizing the platform, in May 2009. I did a story on her in July 2010. As […]

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Stockton Bike Kitchen needs

I’ve had several calls between yesterday and today regarding the Stockton Bike Kitchen article I wrote. It sounds like people want to help out and maybe offer up some bicycles now sitting for possible use by the Kitchen and its patrons. In putting together the video, I asked volunteer manager Caleb Mize about what types […]

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From the creator of Cherpumple

Remember Cherpumple? I hope so. It’s one of those things you can’t really forget. The massively delicious dessert found it’s way into our minds and arteries last November when me and Record Copy Editor Genette Brookshire baked and built two for the story. We also shot some video. It kind of made our year to […]

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Saying goodbye to Harry Potter

I spent some time on Thursday chatting with Harry Potter fans in Manteca. The group I came across was an energetic bunch of teenagers who shared memories of Harry Potter over the years. One said she’d followed Harry since fourth grade. They remembered Potter-themed lunch boxes and pencil cases. They talked about the movies and […]

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