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The bumpy ride on Interstate 5

My freeway exit to get to my parent’s home is Monte Diablo Avenue. They’ve lived in that neighborhood my entire life. I know well the bumps and humps and lumps of Interstate 5, including the area Record Photo Editor Craig Sanders shot for today’s newspaper cover. In fact, he captured video of the exact spot […]

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Blog changes today

You’ll notice a couple significant changes to our blog lineup this morning. In response to David Siders’ departure, Daniel Thigpen is taking over the Stockton City Hall Blog. The headers have been changed out. The blog authors have been reassigned. And David’s bio has been removed from the Stockton City Hall Blog, which you’ll now […]

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Calvin and Hobbes ended when it should have

When I got back from my mini-vacation in Tahoe I saw a link from a friend of mine to an interview with Bill Watterson, the creator of “Calvin and Hobbes.” It has been 15 years since Watterson decided to end the strip and 25 since it first appeared in newspapers. Growing up I loved that […]

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New blog headers debut

You’ll notice our blogs look a little different today. As of today, we have custom-made headers on all of our blogs. The images, designed by Web Content Producer Kirk Barron after discussions with the various blog owners, give a sense of identity to each of our blogs. They also give a visual identity to […]

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Comments return to blogs

Call it a soft launch, but on Tuesday we reactivated comments on the blogs. You can now add your thoughts, opinions or concerns to the additional reporting posted to The Record’s 17 staff written blogs, many of which have several contributors. This change does not return comments to articles, however. An announcement will be […]

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First Stockton TweetUp a hit

A sizable crowd of Twitter and social media savvy people got together at Valley Brew Nov. 12 for the first ever Stockton TweetUp. The event, put together by Matt Beckwith, Wes Rhea and Rod Villagomez (who I failed to acknowledge as one of the organizers in a previous post, mea culpa) welcomed what looked like […]

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Auto blog feed now on front page

So I’ll admit, I’m pretty excited about this one. Less than an hour ago, a blog widget went live on that pulls the latest blog entries to the front page. You may be scratching your head a little, thinking that we already had links to blogs on our front page. That’s true. But in […]

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Blog meet-up in Tracy cancelled

Just in case you didn’t get the Twitter message last week, we’ve cancelled our Tracy blog meet-up scheduled for Nov. 11. We’re hoping to reschedule it for sometime in early 2010. We had planned to host the event at Tracy Virtual Office and invited bloggers from all over San Joaquin County to participate. After we […]

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Do you blog? Come and join us

The Record will host its second blog meet up at Tracy Virtual Office, 95 W. 11th Street, Suite 203, on Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 6 p.m. Why? We want to get to know the local bloggers in our area and we want you to meet some of our bloggers. Plus, we promise it will be […]

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Blogger meet-up Nov. 11 will host it second blogger meet-up this year Nov. 11 at Tracy Virtual Office. Come out and talk shop with other bloggers, including some bloggers. Visit for more information and to register.

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