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Facebook and death

I’ll start this post with a sad fact: I’ve learned of two friends’ deaths from Facebook. The first was when Facebook was in its infancy and not that many people used it. I had just graduated from college when someone wrote a post on their wall saying the name of the person followed by “RIP.” […]

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Halloween fun for the weekend

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love it because it also signals the beginning of fall. I used to love getting dressed up for it as a child. Now I love handing out candy and seeing all the cool Halloween costumes the neighborhood children wear. My love for Halloween was one of the reasons we […]

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Joleen Ruffin moves on from Tracy Island

It’s with some sadness I received an email announcement this week from Joleen Ruffin, the voice and motivation behind, saying she’d be turning over the site to someone new. Ruffin, top center, started the social networking site, utilizing the platform, in May 2009. I did a story on her in July 2010. As […]

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Stockton Bike Kitchen needs

I’ve had several calls between yesterday and today regarding the Stockton Bike Kitchen article I wrote. It sounds like people want to help out and maybe offer up some bicycles now sitting for possible use by the Kitchen and its patrons. In putting together the video, I asked volunteer manager Caleb Mize about what types […]

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Another plank

It’s not everyday we run a story on A1 about an Internet fad, but we did on Wednesday with the piece on the Port City Plankers. You can imagine how my pitch to my boss started on this one. I was in Don Blount‘s office a couple weeks ago not only explaining why we should […]

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I don’t want to be the crutch

I’m a runner. It’s my form of exercise and stress relief away from work. A short run for me is a five-mile jaunt around the city of Tracy. I run with two friends for six or more miles in Mountain House up to three times a week. I spend a lot of time putting foot […]

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From the creator of Cherpumple

Remember Cherpumple? I hope so. It’s one of those things you can’t really forget. The massively delicious dessert found it’s way into our minds and arteries last November when me and Record Copy Editor Genette Brookshire baked and built two for the story. We also shot some video. It kind of made our year to […]

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The art of not falling in

This past weekend, Scott Linesburgh wrote a story about making the most of the Delta waterways, using a trip out on Jim Painter’s BottomLine as the launching point for the story. I went along for the ride with Scott and Record Photo Editor Craig Sanders. The easy part was motoring out of the Stockton Sailing […]

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Saying goodbye to Harry Potter

I spent some time on Thursday chatting with Harry Potter fans in Manteca. The group I came across was an energetic bunch of teenagers who shared memories of Harry Potter over the years. One said she’d followed Harry since fourth grade. They remembered Potter-themed lunch boxes and pencil cases. They talked about the movies and […]

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Diffusion of innovation theory (or why I’m not excited about Google+)

I remember my Motorola Razr phone. It was sleek, stylish and small. It was a step in the right direction from my little cell phone that didn’t flip and, despite the keypad being locked, randomly called people on speed style. It was silver. Small (still the smallest phone I’ve owned). And it took me forever […]

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