First Stockton TweetUp a hit

A sizable crowd of Twitter and social media savvy people got together at Valley Brew Nov. 12 for the first ever Stockton TweetUp.

The event, put together by Matt Beckwith, Wes Rhea and Rod Villagomez (who I failed to acknowledge as one of the organizers in a previous post, mea culpa) welcomed what looked like 30 or so people. My count could be wrong, but I talked to at least one person every couple minutes the more than an hour I was there.

The meetup even brought out Twitter folks from the Modesto Meetup group. It was a great outlet for chat and networking offline. (The Twitter chatter later had people commenting on how quiet everyone’s feeds got when we were all in a room together.)

There were even some new-to-Twitter people, all of whom were welcomed wholeheartedly by the Stockton Tweetup organizers.

I think it’s fair to say the event was a success and a hit.

Missed it? Don’t worry. Plans are in the works for another. Follow StocktonTweetUp on Twitter for more information.

Photos courtesy Matt Beckwith. Top, a shot of the crowd at Valley Brew Nov. 12. Above, the three organizers of the Stockton TweetUp, from left, Matt Beckwith, Wes Rhea and Rod Villagomez.

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