Recordnet launches new commenting system

Yesterday,  launched a new commenting platform. Our goal is to enhance the experience by giving readers new ways to interact with each other, share opinions and engage with the news.

Comments submitted through the old system will continue to appear under past articles (with the temporary exception of comments posted within the past two-to-three weeks).

New commenting accounts can be created using an existing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn account. Users who don’t have one of those accounts can go those social networks right now to create a profile that can be connected to a commenting account. Look for the “Sign up” link on the new comment boards under articles.

When first logging in under your preferred social network, our new commenting platform provider – Viafoura – will ask you to confirm that you want to link your social network account to its platform.

Once readers are signed up and logged in, here are a few of the new features they will find:

  • Readers have the option to “like” other comments they see. The commenting system uses “likes” to determine the most popular comments and commenters. Readers will have the opportunity to filter and sort comment boards so the most-liked posts appear at the top, leaving the least-liked comments at the bottom.
  • Writers have the ability to reply to a specific comment in a thread, helping readers keep better track of all the conversations happening within the same topic.
  • With just two clicks, readers can share comments they write or read to their preferred social network or email.
  • Readers can follow the action on a specific comment board by signing up for email notifications. Email will be sent when other writers add posts to the article that interests them.
  • Readers who see a comment that is objectionable can click the “Flag” link, which will alert a moderator who will review the comment and remove it if necessary.



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An introduction

Hi, I’m Genette.

I’ve been a copy editor at The Record since July 2004 and today I take over as Online Editor at

This is an exciting time for recordnet. We’ve introduced four new community bloggers and have several more to come. If you’re interested in writing about a particular topic, email me at

After having worked on our print edition for nearly 10 years, I’m excited about bringing the news to Stockton and our other communities in different ways.

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Video of Cooks receiving award

Here’s video of Lincoln High grad Brandin Cooks receiving the Fred Biletnikoff Award, via Oregon State Athletics:

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Hitchhiking to an inauguration

As part of our coverage of the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Record reporter Joe Goldeen and I went to the University of the Pacific to interview professor emeritus Robert Benedetti.

His memories of that awful day and its effect on the nation and his generation can be seen here.

Benedetti also attended Kennedy’s inauguration Jan. 20, 1961. He first heard about Kennedy while on a trip to Hawaii the summer after graduating from high school in 1960. Having decided to attend Amherst College in Massachusetts — Kennedy’s home state — Benedetti figured he’d better study up on the Massachusetts senator then running for president against Richard Nixon.

Kennedy went on to win the presidency in November 1960. Benedetti decided he wanted to see the inauguration. Here’s his story:

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston has video of Kennedy taking the oath — he was sworn in by Chief Justice Earl Warren, a former governor of California — and delivering his inaugural address. You can watch the whole thing here.

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Veterans rally

A group of more than 75 veterans and their supporters made the trek out from San Joaquin County and the Mother Lode to Oakland to rally in support of veterans.

Record reporter Zach Johnson shot this video:

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Around town on Election Night

While ballots were being rounded up and counted, I swung by the gathering for Measure A and B supporters at Valley Brew and the Registrar of Voters Office in downtown Stockton. Here’s what some of the supporters had to say, as well as Austin Erdman, the county registrar of voters:

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Fundraiser for Tokay football player

On Saturday, our story mentioned that the Tokay Tigers played Friday’s game in honor of senior Andrae Sanchez, who had gone to the UC Davis medical center the previous night to begin chemotherapy due to a malignant tumor.

Here’s the flyer – sent to us on Twitter – for a fundraiser for Sanchez:


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More from McNair on numbers

In one of this week’s high school football preview videos, McNair head coach Phil Soria mentions that numbers have been a challenge (one of several) to the Eagles this year.

In this extra clip, he goes into more detail:

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Franklin making a comeback

The current Yellowjackets football team is all too aware of what transpired in 2007, when a recruiting scandal cost head coach Tom Verner his job and led to sanctions.

Under head coach Scott Behnam, now in his first full season, Franklin’s players and coaches are looking to chart a brighter future for themselves and those who follow in their footsteps.

Behnam and several of his players talked about this Wednesday afternoon during practice.

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Another COPS clip

Cops posted a preview of Saturday’s episode, once again featuring the SPD.

Watch it here.

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