It’s Resolutionary!


In With the New!

We know, we know–we’re jumping the gun a bit (but at least we didn’t start talking about Christmas and Hanukkah the holidays in October, huh?) but it really is time to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions. The most popular? Losing weight, getting out of debt and quitting smoking! We’re  for all of that and we at  Limelight Deals  have made a resolution to bring you deals in January that will help you keep your resolutions. Get started now and  find deals to get you fit, eat healthier, spend time with family and friends and get out to try something new. You say you want a resolution (that was a Beatles reference)? Then look for our great Limelight Deals each and every day! Happy Holidays!

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Make the Perfect Bloody Mary

The big holidays are almost here and that means brunch and Bloody Marys! Right now, we have a fantastic deal on Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix–Just $4 for $20 worth in any flavor! In case you want to learn how to make it, here’s a great video that will show you the perfect method. Cheers!

Click to find out  How to Make Lucille’s Bloody Mary

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Forget Maids a’ Milkin’! We’ve Got Deals!


Naughty? Or Nice?

We’re hot and heavy into our  our 12 Days of Deals! That means extra great Limelight Deals to help with your holiday gift list. Until December 16 you can even enter to win a $500 gift card when you see our Captain Limelight in his new little Santa hat! While you’re at it,  become a Fan of Limelight Deals Stockton to get the latest on on contests and events.  Right now, we have deals on Fruit and Produce from Louie’s  , 80% off a steam bath and massage, and 80% off at Bottley’s BBQ! Catch up on some great deals and finish buying for your  holiday gift list with Limelight Deals! 

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The 12 Days of Deals!

My belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly too!

Just two more days until the start of our 12 Days of Deals! That means extra great Limelight Deals to help with your holiday gift list. From December 1-16 you can even enter to win a $500 gift card when you see our Captain Limelight in his new little Santa hat! Look forward to deals for clothing, skin care, massage, BBQ, car washes and so much more! Catch up on some great deals and start planning your holiday gift list with Limelight Deals! 

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Now, what about my face?

We asked and you sent us over 900 names for our lime-headed mascot! And now, the wait is over! His/Her name is…CAPTAIN LIMELIGHT!

While he still has no face,  Captain Limelight is sailing his way via sonar through the  Valley looking for great deals for you now and for our big 12 Days of Deals beginning December 1!  Catch up on some great deals and start planning your holiday gift list with Limelight Deals!  And congrats to Angela R. who came up with the name and won $1000!

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Who Does Your Hair? Monse!

Best Dressed Tresses!


The first thing people notice about you are your shoes and your hair. We don’t have a Limelight Deal specifically for shoes but we do have one of the best deals we’ve ever had on hair.  Right now, you can get a hair cut, deep conditioning and style from Monse at R & R Salon in Lodi for $20. You are not seeing things. It’s 70% Off! Now, on to the shoes. we fibbed. you actually can get some shoes at Lodi Junction Variety and Thrift! Our 50% off voucher will get you those shoes, dresses, handbags and so much more! Deal with it!

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The Joys of Pour Over Coffee


Line 'em up, we need a pick me up!

At Empresso Coffee House in Stockton you will enter the magical world of Pour Over Coffee, a simple manual drip coffee making method that takes some time but is oh so worth it! You can get some of this coffee and more with our awesome Limelight Deal with a 50% off voucher to use at Empresso. How does it work and why is this coffee so good?

The simple cone is made from plastic or glass and it fits over the top of a mug or carafe. Then, the cone is placed on the mug, a filter in the cone. Ground coffee is added, the hot water is poured very slowly over the grounds.

You can buy cones that take paper filters or, if you prefer, a cone with a metal filter. The metal filter cone does just the same job, and is a little more expensive, but you don’t have to buy and throw away the paper filters.

So, why is it better? 

When you pour the hot water over the coffee in a cone, you can see what you are doing and make sure that all the grinds are thoroughly soaked.

You can also  stir the grinds and water, and with this process you do so all along which makes it take a little time but yield a better cup o java.  This not only means that you get the full brew and flavor from the grinds, but it also results in a much richer, stronger mug of coffee. With electric drip brewers you can’t do that, as you have no access to the coffee during the brewing process. And there’s another  important advantage to using a filter cone instead of a an electronic one cup coffee maker–you can buy any beans you want.

Find out the best technique from the Masters at Empresso with our Limelight Deal!

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Got Fruit?

Fresh, tasty and bountiful!


Oh Limelight Deals has been very, very good to the Valley this week! Right now we’ve got a deal for Louie’s Fruits and Veggies at 50% Off–and that ends in about 12 hours folks.  You dudes can get a great haircut, scalp massage and tea tree wrap for just $20 and then go get some great Mexican food at Cancun Restaurant also half off. How about some dance classes for exercise? Got it! And then there’s our cool deal today on audio equipment for your car, also half off! Get dealing this week and look forward to what’s in store next week too!

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Bad to the Bone!

Few things are as sexy as a guy or gal on a Harley

Are you with us??  So, sure your grandmother freaks out when she thinks about you on a motorcycle but that guy or gal you want to impress leers at you with that come hither look when you don your leathers and helmet. Unfortunately, the only thing you CAN do is don the gear because you don’t even know how to ride a motorcycle. Get with the program and get our Limelight Deal for a 5-day riding course for just $150–50% Off! And with the holidays coming up, what a great gift, huh?

Speaking of the holidays…um…we hate to bring this up but you’ve put on some pounds! Get it off before you need to squeeze into that little black dress for New Years with our deal for Lipolaser!  Get 3″ of fat gone in two visits! This deal is only up for a few more days so go get it girl!  Then reward yourself with some great Mexican fare from Mi Ranchito…it’s there too with our Limelight Deals this week.  Gotta run….I’m getting on my Harley!



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Give Me a Name, I Might Give You $1000!


I have no Name!

So we at Limelight Deals created a funny little Mascot, but we neglected to give him or her a name (oh right we didn’t give it a gender, either).  We’re tired of saying, “Hey, You” to the little green nipper so we’re throwing a naming contest! It’s the NAME OUR MASCOT extravaganza! Just enter and submit the name you think this–thing–should have and you might win $1000! After November 4,  you can vote on the best name!

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