Video and more: Adam and Alicia Messinger and “The Amazing Fist”

Adam Messinger is offering several incentives to encourage potential fans to donate to his comic book project “The Amazing Fist,” which I wrote about in my (final Record) story in today’s LENS section. For $1, a donor can receive a .pdf of issue no. 1 before prints are available and get his or her name in the acknowledgments section of the comic. For $100, a donor can receive the .pdf; a signed copy of issue no. 1; his or her name in the acknowledgments section; and a drawing of the main character by Josh Adams, as well as other incentives.

For $500, a donor  can be included as a character in “The Amazing Fist.” Among the donors who will receive that honor is Stockton music promoter Middagh Goodwin, who raised $300 for the project through two benefit concerts and donated $200 of his own money. Goodwin expects to be a speakeasy or jazz club owner in the comic book, which is set in the 1920s.

Adam reached his $3,500 goal on Monday, while I was interviewing him for today’s story, and I may have unwittingly served as the incentive that put him over the top. During our interview, Adam’s wife, Alicia, was busy promoting “The Amazing Fist” on Facebook. This was one of her status updates:

1008amazingfistFBI had my Flip cam on hand to record the interview; this was Adam’s reaction when he learned he reached his goal:

At the end of the interview I asked Alicia why she had worked so hard to support Adam and “The Amazing Fist.” I’m not sure how many girlfriends, fiancees or wives would be patient and so willing to work on a project involving comic books with their husbands. Alicia later sent along a blog post that she had written previously and that she said best described her feelings. Here is that post; click the thumbnails to see larger versions of the images.

Spider-man Love Story – A note from Alicia (Adam’s wife):

From the beginning of our relationship, comics played a big role. I remember when we were barely dating, Adam would write a page a day and send it to me to read. The first comic was called Tales of Oddity, a project he was working on with a friend named Daniel. I thought Adam was super creative and looked forward to my daily page. I was even more excited when I saw the first art samples. Watching something that Adam envisioned come to life – I don’t know, I was just so excited to see him excited. His enthusiasm for comics was contagious.

It didn’t take long before I started picking up books around his room.

The first one that caught my attention was Ultimate Spider-man. He let me borrow it and before I knew it I was ordering hardcover after hardcover of my own. We had Netflix at the time, and started renting all the Spider-man episodes from the 1970’s. I was hooked.

When Adam decided to propose to me, he couldn’t afford a wedding ring.

He was only 18, working part-time. But at a Sonic Youth concert he surprised me (THAT’S AN UNDERSTATEMENT) by pulling a shirt out of his pocket that was hand-drawn with Sharpies by his friend Daniel. It was Spider-man crouching, holding a ring in his hand and it read “In this pose, there is only one question to be asked”. Adam got down on his knee in between bands, holding the shirt, and proposed to me. It was the most sweet and geeky thing anyone had ever done for me.

When it came time to decide on a wedding date, we were VERY excited about Spider-man 3. In our defense, we had no idea it was going to be a terrible movie. If that offends you, I’d say I’m sorry but I’m not because wow, it was a terrible movie – lol. We can argue about that later. But ANYWHO, we considered having our wedding on the opening night and actually going to the midnight showing after the reception.

But we decided not to get married in the middle of the week, and thank goodness because again… terrible movie. lol. Who wants to be depressed on their wedding night? So instead we got married on May 5th, which that year just happened to be FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. While I was rushing around getting my make-up and hair done the morning of the wedding, Adam was driving to a nearby comic shop and picking up free comics.

Our wedding invitation, which I will insist for all of eternity is the coolest invitation EVER, was also drawn by our friend Daniel. It had a little kid version of Spider-man with a bow-tie and an adorable little Mary Jane.

Despite inviting everyone and their mother and grandmother, we still have extra copies so if you want one please let us know, lol. We will gladly mail you one.

For a long time before and after we got married, date nights consisted of dinner and then reading trades at a local bookstore. Don’t worry comic fans, I have read a lot more than Spider-man by this point! Of course we don’t do this much anymore, mostly because Adam works at a bookstore now and who wants to hang out at work when you’re not, you know, at work.

I’m so happy that Adam is getting the chance to pursue his love of writing comics. We both have to make a lot of sacrifices in order for him to make this a reality, and that’s not always easy (Again, HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT). But every time I see a new page from THE AMAZING FIST, I get that same excitement that I had all those years ago when we were first dating. From Adam’s brain, to pencils, to inks – it’s a scary, expensive, exciting, and hopefully rewarding process. And I can’t wait to hold the final product in my hand.

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