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Keeping Your Pet Safe in The Garden

With spring just around the corner comes an increase in outdoor activities, one of those being gardening. You may be spending your day dreaming of plant combinations you can use to enhance your landscape. However, besides beauty and functionality, we have to think about our four-legged family members who search for adventure in our lawns [...]

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Composting—It is good for a more sustainable lifestyle and your garden by Lee Miller

Recently when I mentioned that I was collecting coffee grounds for compost, I was asked “What is compost?” I was a little shocked since being a gardener I thought everyone would know what compost is. Likely there are many people who don’t recognize the term, because they do not garden or, if they do, may [...]

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Seed Starting Time is Here by Lee Miller

Correction: In last week’s column, the date of the Master Gardener Smart Gardener Conference was listed as March 8, whereas the date should have been listed as Saturday, March 3. For more information see the San Joaquin Master Gardener website. Why start plants from seeds? It is fun and challenging for one reason. You also [...]

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What’s Growing On: Smart Gardening Conference, March 3 By Katie Walter

On March 3, the San Joaquin Master Gardeners will host their 2018 Smart Gardening Conference, where you can learn about optimal gardening practices for our area. This conference is just one of the ways this University of California program teaches community members to manage their gardens and landscapes in a science-based, sustainable manner. Master Gardener [...]

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It’s Citrus Season by Katie Walter

Anyone with a citrus tree or a friend with one is inundated with lemons and oranges now. Bags of lemons pass from hand to hand for use in lemon curd, limoncello liqueur, lemon meringue pie or just juice for the freezer. Oranges make fabulous fresh juice, putting the store-bought product to shame. San Joaquin County [...]

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Gardens as a metaphor for life

An acquaintance recently told me about a favorite and once thriving shrub that was in serious decline.  The problem: over time, branches from a nearby tree had grown and spread so widely that they were shading out the sun-loving plant. The only viable options: severely prune back the mature tree and destroy its structure, or [...]

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Dormant sprays can help reduce pests and disease in fruit trees

If you have a fruit tree, you know that gardeners are not the only ones who enjoy the bounty of the harvest.  There are many pests — such as scales, aphids and mites – that feast on the tender plant parts and these same pests overwinter on the fruit trees. Dormant oils help control these [...]

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Managing Mistletoe in Trees

You may have seen Mistletoe hung in doorways over these past few weeks. It is a traditional holiday decoration, but when it’s growing on trees in the landscape, this parasitic plant may not seem quite as charming. There are two types of mistletoe: broadleaf and dwarf. Broadleaf mistletoe (Phoradendron macrophyllum) is an evergreen parasitic plant [...]

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Bare Root Season is here—time to plant

Bare root season is here at nurseries and stores and it is a relatively short season. The plants are dug when dormant, hence it lasts from now to about mid-February, so plan to get out and get those plants you want to grow next spring while the selection is at its best. The season is [...]

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Avoid problems with some smaller trees for shade and color.

Red maples in my neighbor's front garden.

A friend asked me recently if there are modest sized trees to plant for shade. Her recent experience was removing a Magnolia tree which had cracked up her driveway. The back-hoe operator, who took out the root-ball, said it was the largest he had ever removed. We have to be wary of planting trees that [...]

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