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Winter pruning of fruit trees

We’re fortunate to live in California’s Central Valley—one of the most fertile agricultural regions in the country—and thus we have the ability to grow a huge variety of fruit- and nut-bearing trees. Stone fruits (apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums), pome fruits (apples, pears, Asian pears), nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans), and others (figs, persimmons) all do […]

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Loving trees is good for the spirit.

Japanese maples can show a range of fall colors

Recently, Andrew Carmichael, a Master Gardeners who is also a certified arborist among many other accomplishments provided our monthly meeting education lecture.  He spoke about the aesthetics of trees and about how if you really love trees you will both care about them and care for them. I was in total agreement with his views […]

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Multiply and share your perennials this fall

Have your favorite perennials been looking crowded and not blooming as abundantly as they used to? Maybe it is time to divide them and replant or share them with neighbors or friends. There are actually tables that will tell you how often you should divide your German bearded irises (Iris germanica), daylilies, Coreopsis, Pentstemons, Shasta […]

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Welcoming fall, and a look to the future

We’re only a week and a half into fall, but already it’s been a season of unexpected, roller-coaster temperatures, with record-tying heat alternating with unseasonably cool days and rain. Who knows what surprises are yet to come? Master Gardeners welcomed in the new season this past Saturday, September 28 with Open Garden Day at our […]

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Enjoy nature while in your garden.

Taking time to smell the roses can be extended to enjoying nature too as we go about tending our gardens. Recently, while in my garden, a beautiful black and blue dragonfly came along that I have never seen before. It landed several times on a steel stake, in fact, long enough that I could get […]

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Plan for spring bulbs and plant fall vegetables.

One of my gardening delights is to enjoy the beauty of Narcissus as they welcome spring.  As the Van Engelen, Inc, a bulb purveyor, puts it “Narcissi are the art and soul of spring” There are so many kinds of Narcissus and other spring bulbs it is sometimes hard to make the choices because it […]

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Plan ahead for special fall garden events

This time of year is when gardeners begin to anticipate some relief from summer heat and cooler, more enjoyable outdoor time. The searing days of summer are a perfect time to plan landscape improvements, and fall is the best time to implement them. The late fall months of October and November are especially ideal for […]

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How to help your houseplants thrive

Houseplants. They bring beautiful greenery and a soothing outdoor presence to artificial interior environments. They convert the carbon dioxide we exhale into fresh oxygen. They help filter pollutants from sterile, indoor air. In other words, they’re simply miraculous! Houseplants are typically grown for their foliage; their leaves can range from tiny to huge, lacy to […]

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Complete the gardening experience by seed saving.

Saving seeds can be a fun thing to do and you can save seeds from plants that you find particularly satisfying. You can save a little money too. Some terms and definitions are in order to help understand the basics of seed saving. Self-pollination occurs on plants with ‘perfect flowers’ where the transfer of pollen […]

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Gardening mistakes we sometimes make

Gardening is like most human endeavors prone to making errors. Last year I had a great harvest of strawberries from April to July. These were plants that I dug up at my old home the previous fall and moved them to my new home in Morada. I spaced the plants about 12 inches apart and […]

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