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Tune In To Radio Show For Great Garden Tips

  Finding garden advice is easy, but scientific research has raised awareness of our impact on the environment, challenging many traditional practices. Accessing and interpreting this information can be difficult; one place to go is the airwaves, where you can listen to California native and long-time gardener Fred Hoffman, known to many as radio personality “Farmer [...]

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Managing Leaffooted Plant Bugs in Your Garden

The garden’s bounty is in full swing, offering humans and insect pests a full buffet of goodies to munch on. One such pest of the Leaffooted Plant Bug (LPB), an insect related to the stink bug and lover of both edible and ornamental garden plants. While most veggies and fruit can handle light feeding by [...]

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Nectar Guides: How Bees Find Food

Humans love flowers because of their beautiful colors, intriguing shapes, or lovely fragrance. From the plant’s perspective, however, these qualities are more about function than aesthetics. Plants dependent upon pollinators such as bees must make themselves attractive; insects dependent upon plants for nectar or pollen must be attracted to their source. This last point seems [...]

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Caring For Your New Water-Wise Garden

This past summer, the California Department of Water Resources began offering rebates to San Joaquin County residents for replacing existing turf with edibles or ornamental water-wise perennials. These programs, along with a growing sense of ecological responsibility, have inspired many to move into a different genre of plants, leaving behind the familiar Hydrangeas and Bermuda [...]

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Irrigation Tips for Water-Wise Gardens

If scheduling irrigation were as simple as peeking out the kitchen window to see if things “look dry”, the Master Gardener program would barely be able to justify itself. Most of the problems we encounter stem directly or indirectly from water-related issues, especially with so many drought-tolerant plants and their mysterious water needs popping up [...]

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What You Need To Know About Landscape Fabric

Many products claim they can end your weed woes. One such item is landscape fabric, a semi-permeable material made of woven polypropylene laid directly on the soil. For areas to be planted, slits are cut into the fabric where plants are to be placed. Please don’t be fooled by the fix-it-all façade of this infamous [...]

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Small Trees for Urban Gardens

With spring planting in full swing, now is a good time to select a new tree. For those of us with small gardens, however, the towering majesty of Valley Oaks or Plane Trees can create serious issues when invasive root systems and branches wreak havoc with driveways and utility lines. To solve this dilemma, try [...]

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Managing Bermuda: Dreams vs Reality

The weather is crisp, the leaves are falling, the first rains of autumn will soon arrive, all of which means the best time to plant is now. The only task left is to rip out that Bermuda lawn today, and I’ll be set for planting by tomorrow… If this has been your dream of late, [...]

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Why Water-Wise Gardens Look Different

At a local nursery this past fall, I was excited to find a robust selection of water-wise plants, a reflection of this rapidly expanding market. Another interesting phenomenon, related to me by a nursery employee, was a little less exciting: “customers come in asking for drought-tolerant plants, but change their minds when they see them.” [...]

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Winter Weather and Yellowing Leaves

A stroll through your garden of late may have revealed some plants with yellowing foliage. There are several possible causes, but iron chlorosis, a condition in which a plant deficient in iron cannot produce sufficient chlorophyll, is common at this time of year. Chlorophyll is responsible for the green in plants and capturing light for photosynthesis, [...]

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