Port City Roller Girls this Weekend

Here’s your chance to catch some fast paced Roller Derby Action!  The Port City Roller Girls are hosting the Red Bluff Derby Girls at the Stockton Indoor Sports Complex this Saturday evening.  Catch the excitement now as we get closer to the Roller Derby National Championships this September at the Stockton Arena!

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Thunder release full Promotional Schedule

In case you missed it, the Stockton Thunder have released their full promotional schedule, including the dates for the ever-popular Pink Weekend, We Paint the Ice and Green Weekend.  See the full schedule by clicking here.


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A Look Back at the Baton Twirling National Championships

This past week, the United States Twirling Association (USTA) took Stockton by storm, bringing their 56th Annual Baton Twirling Championships to town.

During the event, 550 athletes and their families came to Stockton from all parts of the country. Not only did they come to Stockton, but they embraced the city for at least seven days, taking in the sights, the culture, and the events in town. The whole time, adding a large economic impact to Stockton as they filled many hotels, dined at restaurants, attended baseball games, took in movies, and spent their free time shopping in our stores.

Visit Stockton was the host organization for this event, however, it would be wrong of me not to mention (and thank) the hotels, the Stockton Arena, the City of Stockton, the Downtown Stockton Alliance, and the Stockton Ports for all of their assistance. But mainly, I want to thank everyone in Stockton for all of your help and for making these visitors feel welcomed.

Over the time they were here, I had the pleasure of speaking with countless families from various parts of the country, many of whom had never heard of Stockton before, let alone been here. Each and every family relayed to me how impressed they were and how they were truly enjoying themselves. This is what makes Stockton a great sports city; it goes well beyond the Ports and the Thunder, it goes beyond University of the Pacific, it is the people that makeup our city that truly shape it into what it is.

As the event began to wrap up this past week, I began the process of trying to get this event to return to Stockton. To my surprise and appreciation, the president of the association stated that this year’s national championships were the best he’s ever seen and that they will be back to Stockton. In fact, Visit Stockton is currently working on finalizing which year that will be (stay tuned).

In the meantime, if you missed the event, here are some links to the media coverage it received:






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USA Racquetball selects Stockton for 2015 Junior Olympics

Visit Stockton is pleased to announce that Stockton has been selected to serve as the host city for the 2015 USA Racquetball Junior Olympics to be held June 24-28 at In-Shape Sport on West Lane. Over 200 competitors from across the US will come to Stockton to compete as finalists in the male and female 14, 16, and 18 year-old singles divisions. The winners of the doubles divisions will qualify for the US Junior National team and will also have the opportunity to attend the IRF Junior World Championships. The Esprit National team for younger participants will be identified as well, and many All-Americans will be named.

“USA Racquetball is excited to bring America’s premier junior racquetball championship to Stockton. We know the city will offer great hospitality for the more than 200 players that we look to bring to town,” said Steve Sczarnecki, Executive Director of USA Racquetball.

Stockton has long had strong ties to the racquetball community and is home to Jose Rojas, #3 ranked racquetball player in world and Dave Ellis, Head Coach of the USA Racquetball National team.

“We look forward to welcoming the players, coaches, and families to Stockton next year. Visit Stockton continues to seek out unique, quality events like the USA Racquetball Junior Olympics to bring to Stockton as these types of championship events help fill hotel rooms, restaurants, and shops, adding to the local economy,”noted Wes Rhea, CEO of Visit Stockton.

For more information on this event, contact Tim Pasisz at Visit Stockton at 209-938-1556 or tim@visitstockton.org.

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The value of Baton Twirling

It has been well documented that sporting events bring large economic impacts to the cities that hold them. Stockton is fortunate because on any given weekend, there are usually three or four events happening where competitors travel to play and spend time (and money) in our city.

Beginning this weekend, Stockton will serve as host to the United States Twirling Association’s (USTA) National Baton Twirling Championships. This event will be held at the Stockton Arena from Monday, July 7 through Saturday, July 12. Competitions during the event are open to the public and 100% free for spectators to come and enjoy.

A couple different economic impact calculators are used to determine the value of sporting events to the cities in which they are held. For this USTA event, the economic impact in Stockton is estimated to be around $550,000. This dollar amount is the lower of two numbers provided by the calculators and takes into account that the competitors and their families are in Stockton on competition days only. It is known that many competitors and their families are coming to Stockton prior to the competitions and/or plan to stay late, so the actual economic impact will surely be much higher.

Knowing this, and how these travelers are positively influencing our city’s revenue (hotels, restaurants, stores, gas stations, attractions, etc.), please be sure to express your welcome to any visitor that you come in contact with. It is important that visitors to Stockton feel that they are welcome, wanted, and appreciated. Visit Stockton, the Downtown Stockton Alliance, and many other groups will be out in full force welcoming the USTA event to our city, be sure that you are doing your part!

For more information on the National Baton Twirling Championships or any of the events that Visit Stockton is working on, go to visitstockton.org or call our office at 209-938-1555.

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Ports Return Home Tuesday!

The Ports will be back in town starting this Tuesday, July 1st through Thursday, July 3rd which will be our Independence Day Celebration and Firework Show since we do not play on the July 4th.  The team returns home from a 7 game road trip in first place with a three game cushion, so make sure to come out and root on your North Division leading team.  The upcoming games consist of the following promotions:

Tuesday, July 1st vs. Lancaster JetHawks- ScholarShare Family Pack Tuesday

Wednesday, July 2nd vs. Lancaster JetHawks- Silver Slugger Wednesday and Baseball Bingo

Thursday, July 3rd vs. Lancaster JetHawks- Independence Day Celebration Fireworks

After this exciting but brief home stand the Ports will head on the road for four games but return home July 8th through July 14th.  Highlights for this home stand include playing the San Jose Giants Friday through Monday which includes:

Hat Giveaway- Thursday, July 10th

Cereal Bowl Giveaway- Friday, July 11th

Fireworks- Saturday, July 12th

Team Photo Giveaway- Sunday, July 13th

Make sure to get your tickets at www.stocktonports.com or give us a call at 209-644-1900.

Hope to see you at the ballpark soon!!

Go Ports!

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Bass Fishing Tournament comes to Stockton

“Crunch Time” is officially here, and you can best believe that Future Pro Tour anglers in the central valley are preparing in earnest for one of the biggest events of the year dubbed the “Delta Summer Shootout – Best of Both Bites”, to be held this weekend on the California delta, at Ladd’s Marina, in Stockton.

This is a critical two-day regular season event that will put the skill levels of FPT anglers to the ultimate test as in this event they will have the opportunity to compete at two totally different times of the day: Day one from 1pm-7pm, and on Day two from safelight to noon.

As this is the last event for the FPT’s central valley region, it is a good bet that those teams with even the slightest hopes of making it to the 2014/15 Future Pro Tour Classic championship – to be held the first week of March of 2015 on Clear Lake, are fully aware that NOW is not the time to employ a conservative approach if they wish to make it to the “big show”.

“We have to be really aggressive for this event”, noted an anxious Danny and Brandon King who currently sit just outside of the Classic qualifying bubble. “This year has been up and down for us and we know we are better anglers than our current score reflects. We are very comfortable with the California Delta, so this is our chance to make a move on the field and climb up in the standings.”

New comers Cody and Sam Hughes, who live in the Salinas area, are also concerned as they too, hang precariously close to the non-qualifying edge of the FPT Classic bubble, and understand full well what they have to do to secure a qualifying berth in the upcoming championship event. “This is our first full year competing and we are thrilled to even be in the running to make the big show”, they commented. We wanted to fish the Future Pro Tour because the level of competition here is fierce and we know that facing challenges is the only way we will ever become better competitive anglers.”

Timing and Focus

And as warm, are forecast for the upcoming event, most members of the Future Pro Tour’s pro-support staff such as Ranger pro Ken Mah and Navionics/Humminbird pro Travis Huckaby] concur with anglers sitting “on the bubble” adapting a more aggressive fishing strategy. “Go for the big bites early, and try to get the big fish – those that feed primarily in the early morning/late evening hours. Try to get them to take your top water offerings before the sun is fully up (or down) as you will need some good “anchor” fish to bring a decent limit to the scales. Remember that this is the “transitional” time of the year for delta bass, so timing and focus is critical”.

New Ranger/Evinrude Package goes with Classic crown

Competitors vying for one of limited coveted berths available in the 2014/15 FPT Classic Championship event – presented by Coors Light, have every reason to be concerned with their qualifying positions, as winners of the prestigious FPT Classic title will not only receive the recognition of being the best amateur team in the west, but will also receive custom crystal trophies, custom championship rings, and keys to a fully-rigged Ranger Z118 with Evinrude/Minn Kota-Humminbird package valued at over $35,000 dollars!

Summer time – “Angler Expo”

FPT anglers are never left without a way to receive the help they need in their quests to become true students of the game. To this end, the annual Angler Expo” will take place on Saturday beginning at 10am, right at Ladd’s Marina in Stockton, where FPT anglers will get every opportunity to learn something about the late spring transitional period on the California delta, as pro anglers will be on hand to share valuable tips on how to pattern summertime fish.

The Expo, which will feature a FREE BBQ provided by Cabral Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Gem of Manteca, begins at 10am, and is open to EVERYONE, even if you are not a member of FPT or do not fish FPT events. There will also be a FREE raffle for premium products for everyone to win, and the first 100 teams will receive a free pack of Gamakatsu hooks!

Been wanting to tryout the FPT?

If you have always wanted to just “try out” a FPT event, or know you will only be able to make this event, remember that limited membership fees of just $5 per angler will be available for this event! And if you have not already pre-signed for this event, you can sign up the morning of the event at Ladd’s Marina beginning at 10:00 am.

So come on out and join us for the “Delta Summer Shootout” and watch the best amateur anglers in the central valley put it all on the line for what is sure to be a spectacular showdown and a very fun event.

See you all there!

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Swenson Park offers free golf lessons

This week, June 23-29, Swenson Park Golf Course (6803 Alexandria Place) will offer complimentary golf lessons to introduce the game to new players.

Also learn putting, chipping, etiquette, and game rules.

For more information on the City’s Swenson Park Golf Course, please visit www.stocktongolfcourses.com.

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There’s never a shortage of sports options in Stockton

With summer rapidly approaching us, many people are looking for extra activities to help lose some of the extra pounds put on by the holidays, or even just to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we have here in Stockton.  The lucky thing is Stockton is a city full of sports clubs and organizations that you can be a part of.  Regardless of the sport or interest you have, Stockton has it.

Obviously Stockton is known for being on the delta waters and for having it go up to our downtown area.  You have plenty of opportunity to get up close and personal to the water as the city has three different rowing clubs.

Central Valley Rowing Club

Deep Water Rowing Association

Stockton Rowing Club

Water not your thing?  Maybe you enjoy biking or running on the trails and streets that we have around town or the county.  Don’t worry, Stockton has plenty of those too.

Delta Triathlon Club

Delta Velo Bike Team

Stockton Bike Club

And of course, it doesn’t end there.  The city has plenty of other clubs that take advantage of our facilities and areas around town.

Big Valley Water Polo Club

California Central Valley Archery Academy

Delta Windjammers Club

Stockton Figure Skating Club

Stockton Lacrosse Club

Stockton Monarcas Soccer

Stockton Swim Club

Stockton Tennis Club

Stockton Trap and Skeet Club

Stockton Wrestling Club

Many of these clubs do events around town throughout the year.  Be sure to take the time and check out their schedules.

This list is only a partial list.  If you are aware of other clubs that are open to youth and adults in the area please do feel free to contact me through the link on this website and inform our office.

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Stockton Hosts 550 Athletes For U.S. National Baton Twirling Championships, 7/7-7/12

In just under 3 weeks, 550 Athletes and their families will converge on Stockton for the United States Twirling Association’s 56th Annual National Baton Twirling Championships.

More than 500 of the nation’s best baton twirlers will compete in the 56th Annual U.S. National Baton Twirling Championships, July 7-12, at the Stockton Arena in Stockton. The competition, which is sponsored by the United States Twirling Association (USTA) and Visit Stockton, runs from 8 a.m. to approximately 5 p.m. each day and is free and open to the public.

“Twirling is an aerobic sport that combines athleticism with artistry,” said USTA President John Chamberlain. “A top twirler must develop many of the same skills as athletes in other sports, such as the speed of a sprinter, the hand-eye coordination of a hockey player, the technique of a ballet dancer and the flexibility and power of a gymnast. The National Championships will feature the nation’s top sport baton twirlers and I know Stockton sports fans will enjoy seeing them in action.”

During the championships, athletes will compete for national honors in individual and group events, including:

  • Solo – an exciting event using one baton which is rolled, flipped and tossed around the body and through the air at great speed
  • 2 Baton and 3 Baton – highly difficult events using two or three batons which must be kept moving at all times
  • Strut and Dance Twirl – beautiful but demanding events combining twirling with dance and gymnastics
  • Teams – the crowd will be on its feet as groups of twirlers perform synchronized twirling and challenging exchanges

The top national competitors will be featured in the National Championships Finals Show on Wednesday, July 9, at the Stockton Arena. The show is also free and open to the public.

The competitors include 185 athletes from California, including Alessandra Stone of Fresno, one of the members of Team USA, which will represent the United States in the World Baton Twirling Championships in Nottingham, England in August. At that competition, the best baton twirlers in the world will compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the twirling equivalent of the Olympic Games.

Story contributed in part by danceworld.com’s article on the event


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