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San Andreas water supply OK for 2014

Drought watchers may recall a story last week about the water supply for various Calaveras County communities. At the time I called, Donna Leatherman, the manager for Calaveras Public Utility District, did not know exactly how much water was in the reservoir that serves San Andreas, Mokelumne Hill and a few other communities. She called […]

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Westwind bounced checks

Westwind Development, the builder of the Gold Strike  Heights subdivision in San Andreas, holds a record, of sorts. The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will vote on giving up efforts to collect on more than 40 bad checks written to county government over the last six years. Most of those checks are less […]

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Calaveras Planning Coalition meeting comment

Ward La Valley of San Andreas emailed me some comments on Monday’s meeting at which the Calaveras Planning Coalition explained its origins, goals and methods to a standing-room-only crowd at the Calaveras County Public Library main branch in San Andreas. Here’s a link to my story on the meeting:   Here’s what Ward wrote: It […]

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Harrington won’t stop working

Former Calaveras County Administrative Officer Brent Harrington has not been very successful at retiring. He first retired from a long career with Calaveras County in 2001 after having served as both CAO and, earlier, as planning director. That time he went directly from the Calaveras job to be the president and chief executive officer of the […]

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North slope

So the weird weather caught me off guard. It was so dry in the fall, I never took down my drip irrigation system. The hard freeze in early December cracked the controller cases, sending water all over my yard. Oh well. Then, I didn’t water for almost two months. Wondering if my fruit trees would […]

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Calaveras getting more animal friendly

This morning I received an email from Henning Schreiber, who runs Calaveras County Animal Services. He told me Animal Services made great strides in 2013 in increasing “good outcomes” for dogs and cats. “Good outcomes” are defined as cases where the pet either gets returned to an owner or is adopted by someone new, or […]

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When you’re strange

Maybe the Doors will provide the theme song to this year’s Calaveras County Fair. Hemispheres Magazine has named the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee (May 15-18 in Angels Camp) as one of its top strangest things to do in 2014.  The magazine is the in-flight publication that United Airlines passengers are […]

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Mentoring in Calaveras County

The Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program is ten years old. I’m a fan. For more than two years I was also a volunteer with the program. So I’m sure I’m biased. But here’s my rationalization for my bias: It is one of the few efforts that I am absolutely sure does good. As a reporter, I […]

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Sheldon Bissell

Sheldon Bissell, the 77-year-old man who died Monday morning in an accident on Mountain Ranch Road, was well known for his long-time fund raising for money to use as rewards for turning in drunk drivers. Bissell did this because his son, Elliott, then 19, was among three people killed in 1979 when their car was hit […]

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Reichel not new to high profile Calaveras County criminal cases

Mark J. Reichel, one of the attorneys defending the boy accused of killing his sister Leila Fowler, had a hand decades ago in what was probably the highest-profile murder trial ever to come out of Calaveras County. That case was launched in the mid-1980s with the horrific discovery of the remains of up to 25 […]

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