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Another cruel financial truth for rural counties

  In California, water flows toward money. Money also flows toward money, with the understanding that most of the money and power is concentrated in certain urban regions, especially Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Here’s one way that plays out: When the state government takes actions that can reduce revenues to local governments, state […]

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More on whether to try to save the Sierra forests

For several years now, national forest managers, private timber land owners, environmentalists, scientists and others have been discussing the woes facing the forests here in the Sierra Nevada. The issues are complex, but for the sake of brevity, it largely comes down to whether we let catastrophic fires destroy the forests. Nobody wants this. Not […]

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Hiking the high places in a drought

I try not to worry about the weather. Like gravity, cranky people, taxes, death, it’s just something that happens, just part of the context in which we live. But I couldn’t help feel a pang of anxiety when I saw this side-by-side photographic comparison of ┬áthe California/Nevada snowpack on Jan. 13 2013 and Jan. 13. […]

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Local state parks still have sites

California’s state parks have taken a record number of campsite reservations for the coming Labor Day weekend, and many parks on beaches are full, according to a media release the agency issued a few minutes ago. Fortunately for campers here in our region, there still are spaces available (as of Thursday afternoon) at Calaveras Big […]

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