Proper pruning of ornamental grasses

I have to admit, this article is about one of my pet peeves, plant butchering. I hope to educate homeowners and commercial landscapers about how the specific growth habits of different plants should dictate the appropriate pruning methods. If you remember only one rule from this article, it should be »»Read Full Post

Under control

“Control. Control. You must learn control.” Yoda - The Empire Strikes Back So, you got a shiny new digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera for Christmas. Now you’re going to take better pictures than you have with your old point-and-shoot or smartphone, right? Not necessarily so. If you set your »»Read Full Post

Stockton Restaurant Week offers great opportunity to explore locally!

Couple a dining stop with a visit to the downtown Stockton Children's Museum! Bud's Seafood in Lincoln Center is always a Restaurant Week favorite! Use Restaurant Week to do local tourism, such as a visit to the always changing Haggin Museum in Victory Park. America Waffles presents American standards. Several »»Read Full Post

Testing, Testing...Part 2

On January 2, I went to AthletiCamps ( in Folsom for  VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold testing. Bruce Hendler is the owner of AthletiCamps, and I was looking forward to seeing him again after following his business on Facebook for years. Back in 2004, I signed up for a 3 »»Read Full Post