Restoring California’s native oaks

Imagine for a moment what our valley looked like only two centuries ago. Before the mass settlement of California, grizzly bears, herds of tule elk and deer, and sky-darkening flocks of migratory birds were common in what we now call San Joaquin County. Northern Valley Yokuts and Miwok communities lived »»Read Full Post

They Call the Wind Mariah...

But cyclists call it something else. And we use words not appropriate for this G Rated blog. Riding in windy conditions is really irritating. I would much rather climb cols in calm conditions than ride on flat roads into a stiff breeze. And since we go slower into the wind »»Read Full Post

Curse me for a novice

“Curse me for a novice” was, as any comic book geek like me would know, something that Dr. Strange would say in the comics. He would utter it when he made an easy mistake or forgot something simple in casting his magic spells, which was surprisingly quite often for someone »»Read Full Post

Bicycling in your county and Sierra foothills; and take in the Sea Otter Classic!

Stockton Bike Club members at start of February's Pedaling Paths to Independence ride. LSD (long, slow distance) riders head north on Thornton Road. Cross country cyclists in Ft. Ord National Monument backcountry, part of the Sea Otter Classic. SJBC riders stop at Consumnes River Farms, Thornton, to sample olive oil. »»Read Full Post