Your tax dollars at work

CalTrans has released a video of its projects in San Joaquin County. One of the projects gave me a column idea. Can you guess which one? »»Read Full Post

Got the back-to-school jitters yet?

It seems like it was only yesterday, as hundreds of school bells rang out for the last time in May, signaling the unofficial start of summer. Time sure flies, right? As fast as the end of the school year came, so did the television commercials and orientation packets in the »»Read Full Post

A different kind of water shortage at Barkleyville Dog Park

If you bring your dog(s) to the city's Barkleyville Dog Park on Feather River Drive, you may have noticed that the water fountain is not working, which might not seem too big a deal except that the forecast calls for temperatures ranging from 275 to 432 degrees in the next »»Read Full Post

Joe's Health Calendar July 28

COMMUNITY EVENTS Build Strong Bones in North Stockton July 28 (today) 1 to 2 p.m.: San Joaquin County Public Health Services is offering free nutrition classes at West Lane Oaks, 7908 N. West Lane, Stockton.Each week a different topic will be covered, but participants can join at any time and no registration »»Read Full Post

Oakland A's trades feeding Stockton Ports

Ever since a scintillating June, the Stockton Ports have been playing mostly .500 baseball. But in the past week, the big league club and general manager Billy Beane have helped rejuvenate their roster. Last Wednesday, the A's dealt ace-caliber lefty Scott Kazmir to the Houston Astros. Ironically, Stockton, an Oakland »»Read Full Post

Crowdfunding For Stockmarket Starts Today

In just a few months the Stockmarket, downtown Stockton’s premier shopping experience, has become a crowd pleaser featuring makers of all kinds, vintage, music and food.  The first Stockmarket was held at the beginning of May and the second event took place in mid July, reaching vendor capacity. As the »»Read Full Post

Sierra surprise: There's water Backpacking in drought years can be a drag. Your body demands fluids, and you long to drink from a cold and sweet source, but the mountains can offer only warm, tepid water from stagnant lakes. That's why it was so exciting this weekend to find running water -- and »»Read Full Post

California coastal dreamin', Bodega Bay, the Russian River, Ft. Ross and north to Mendocino

Shorebirds, sea lions, quaint towns and spectacular Pacific coastal scenery - just 2.5 hours from San Joaquin County! With arguably the most scenic stretch of California coastline and late summer/early fall the best time of the year to visit, the coast from Bodega Bay north to Mendocino is too close »»Read Full Post

Life flows downstream at Upstream Wines

Friend or foe, guests at the Watts' home in Lodi were guaranteed a good time. At least, that was the family’s hope. Their tradition of hospitality lives today, though an invitation to drop by isn't necessary. The home where third generation grower Craig Watts grew up has been transformed into »»Read Full Post

So many tomato seeds--- So little time

Tomato picking season is here and I love to grow lots of them, although I have cut back from 100 plants to only 78.  Unfortunately, where I live, thrips carry a virus causing Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and I lose several plants each year to this nasty disease. Lots of »»Read Full Post