Travel Practice

May is coming to an end soon graduations will take place and then after that summer vacation and all the photos you’ll take while you’re on the road. Vacation photos are essentially the same as travel photography. Like all things, the more you practice at travel pictures the better you’ll »»Read Full Post

Bobby at the Mall

Maria Flumani writes: "Read the article with interest this morning. Robert Kennedy also visited the Weberstown Mall during this time and I was fortunate enough to see him in person with my very young daughters. "I remember having moved to California recently, not yet driving - walking to the Mall »»Read Full Post

High Sierra adventure; Hwy. 108, Sonora to Sonora Pass offers fun and adventure!

Pinecrest Lake, at almost 5,700 feet, attracts crowds of both swimmers and fishermen to its clear, cold waters. Relief Reservoir shines its azure blue waters about 2.5 miles up the trail from Kennedy Meadows Resort. The high Sierra, looking northeast from Sonora Pass; great hiking from this vantage point! Horsemen »»Read Full Post

An up-close look at pollen (achoo!) By Kathy Ikeda

For many people, pollen is the “p-word”. . . as in, “PLEASE, don’t say that word!” The mere mention of pollen can conjure up runny noses, watery and itchy eyes, and looks of desperation from those with hay fever. Here in the fertile, crop-rich San Joaquin Valley, it’s often said »»Read Full Post

Stuff you just can't ignore

I get asked why I am so focused on race. They say: Why don't you let things go because there has been so much racial progress? (Arguably yes, since people of color can no longer be owned like chattel.) I even get called a racist and told I fan the »»Read Full Post

A Prize for the Pies...

...and the fruits and vegetables, the coffee, the sandwiches and the cookies and scones and turnovers. And the pies! The Pacific Italian Alliance awarded their 22nd Luke Award to Ralph and Denene Lucchetti, the owners (very hands-on owners) of The Fruit Bowl, our local favorite fruit stand and bake shop. PIA »»Read Full Post