Stockton's first student protest, a century ago

William Maxwell, archivist at the Bank of Stockton, writes: "Attached is a photo of possibly the first time students marched in protest in Stockton, circa 1915.  Back then all they wanted was a playground." "The irony of the ad on the wall in the background will not be lost on »»Read Full Post

Gold Rush history lives on in ghost town gems along the Mother Lode, CA Hwy. 49

Discovering ghost town gems along the Gold Rush Highway, CA Hwy. 49 Recent rains have cast our Sierra foothills in a verdant shade of green, perfect for exploring our state’s gold rush legacy. I always suggest starting in the place of gold’s discovery, just 80 miles northeast of Stockton, at »»Read Full Post

Throwback Thursday: Women's day

Today is International Women’s Day. Here are some recent photos of women and girls from the recent past. ______________________________________________________ (1/2/02) Instructor Kim Alxeander leads a group in a work out at the Jazzercise Center on Grand Canal Blvd. in Stockton. ______________________________________________________ (2/3/02) UOP's Estee Okumura runs into UC Berkley's Courtney »»Read Full Post

A Good Day for a Great Cause

Saturday was the 10th Pedaling Paths for Independence ride, a fund raiser for the Community Center for the Blind in Stockton. I am friends with Joni Bauer, the driving force behind this ride. Joni works with 'clients' at the Center, helping those with sight impairments learn to function in the »»Read Full Post

Keeping Your Pet Safe in The Garden

With spring just around the corner comes an increase in outdoor activities, one of those being gardening. You may be spending your day dreaming of plant combinations you can use to enhance your landscape. However, besides beauty and functionality, we have to think about our four-legged family members who search »»Read Full Post

Logging off, for now

OK guys, forgive me this brief moment of narcissism… When I was a nervous intern at the Medford Mail Tribune in the late 1990s, a veteran reporter pulled me aside in the hallway one day. “Get out,” he hissed. “Get out while you still can.” I ignored him. And I’m »»Read Full Post