Taking a socially distanced break

On Labor Day weekend my family and I decided to take a little trip to escape the valley smoke and triple-digit temperatures. We decided on a day trip, someplace within a 2-hour drive. But where to go while still maintaining social distancing protocols? (9/6/20) A couple plays volleyball at Poplar »»Read Full Post

Lassen Volcanic National Park in the age of pandemics

Touring Lassen Volcanic National Park in late summer... Boiling hot springs, steaming fumaroles, sulfuric mud pots, multiple volcanic peaks - fire and ice. Like a small version of Yellowstone National Park, Lassen Volcanic National Park happily lies only 3 1/2 hours from San Joaquin County. One of nine national parks »»Read Full Post

A Flicker of Hope...

...or not. But they make me feel a bit better. Gerry, co-owner of 44|5, is a tour operator in France, but I've been on so many trips with him and have gotten to know him so well that I consider him a friend too. Since March, when France and the »»Read Full Post

Growing strawberries can be fun and healthy too.

Strawberries are a delight in any garden. Strawberries are cultivars mostly developed from Fragaria x ananassa a hybrid plant created in France in the middle of the 18th century by crossing a North American strawberry Fragaria virginiana and a Chilean strawberry F. Chiloensis. I can remember wild strawberries growing along »»Read Full Post