Readers Photo Challenge assignment: On the Homefront

With state and local edicts of “stay-at-home” (or even for some counties the more strict “shelter-in-place”) in effect during this time of the COVID-19 virus, getting out to take pictures is more difficult than ever. I struggled to come up with a subject for the next challenge, then I remembered »»Read Full Post

Cycling in the Time of Corona

The world has changed a bit since my last post. Toilet paper has replaced gold as a store of value. Empty shelves at supermarkets and lines to enter Costco are the norm. All non-essential businesses and institutions are closed, which means no schools, department stores, movie theaters, restaurants, golf courses, »»Read Full Post

Growing Dahlias is hard work but very rewarding.

Gitts Crazy is an unusual bicolor that is well named.Keeping the vases full is a good way to enjoy dahlias.Enchantress is a lacianated striking dahlia.Sterling Silver is beautiful in white dahlia with great form.The myriad colors, sizes and forms of dahlias are well illustrated in this picture.Ahoy Matey is a »»Read Full Post

Travel in the age of pandemics; look local!

Look for local options for travel in the age of pandemics... I was reminded of the challenge of travel in today’s skittish national psyche, when several  things occurred this week. I called Marriott, to shift our Newport Beach time share by one day in late April, from Saturday to a »»Read Full Post