Going beyond the technical

Many novice photographers may think that learning how to use their cameras is the be all and end all of photography. While mastering shutter speeds, f/stops and ISO is important, it’s just beginning of the process, not the end. Each genre of photography has its own characteristics to master. Having »»Read Full Post

Exploring the Great Northern Railroad and Glacier National Park

Great Northern Railroad and Glacier National Park; exciting winter exploration! I’ve long been a railroad buff, from the days in the 1950s when my late Uncle Bill used to take my cousin Bill Jr. and me down to the railroad tracks in Akron, Ohio to see the last of the »»Read Full Post

Reveling in warmth, hoping for cold

I enjoy mild winter weather as much as the next person. It’s so refreshing to emerge from the house on an unseasonably warm and dry day and bask in the sun’s rays while catching up on garden chores.  People tend to think of cold weather as inconvenient at best and »»Read Full Post