11 Across: Ridged Grid...

When the most irritating thing that happens to me is a creased crossword puzzle, it had to be a pretty good day. Sunday was the first time the high temperature rose above 70 degrees since November 12, 2018.  That is 125 days, and I learned from Mark Finan on KCRA »»Read Full Post

Straw bale gardening

Do you want to your own vegetables, but have minimal garden space, poor or heavy clay soil, or limited financial resources? Do you manage or want to begin a school or community garden, but need to start small or stretch limited funding? Do you want to give your children a »»Read Full Post

A guide to Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy in late winter and spring!

Yosemite Falls thunders into a sunny, blue-bird day. Snowshoers head for a scenic outing to Dewey Point (photo courtesy Andria Hernandez). Icicles hang precariously off the Majestic Yosemite Hotel. Majestic Yosemite Hotel, with snowy Glacier Point Overlook towering 3,000 feet above. Cross-country skiers near Glacier Point (photo courtesy National Park »»Read Full Post

Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Head in the clouds

The newest Readers Photo Challenge assignment is “clouds.” Recent weather is such that makes this assignment timely and more clouds are in the forecast. A cloudy sky is usually much more interesting to look at and photograph than a bland cloudless one. Puffy, white clouds lazily floating in the sky »»Read Full Post