'We cannot afford further delay'

Add state Sen. Lois Wolk and 10 of her colleagues to the list of those who want state officials to complete a long-overdue update Delta water quality standards. Wolk, D-Davis, sent a letter last week to the State Water Resources Control Board asking it to take action within one or »»Read Full Post

What the waterfront could be

Here's an artist's rendering of Southpointe. Grupe Commercial Co. spent a half million dollars in its run-up to building this housing development on Stockton's waterfront. Two things stopped the project. First was the foreclosure crisis. There didn't have to be a second reason, but there was. Grupe also wanted control »»Read Full Post

Santa Monica and Muscle Beach; old Route 66 brings us to the sunny Pacific

After more than two-dozen trips to the LA area in several decades, one of our "must stops" is always Santa Monica on the Pacific Ocean, due west of central Los Angeles. I originally discovered the town, at age 14, on a trip with my parents from Ohio – following Route »»Read Full Post

You're going to eat all that??!!

Yes Fearless, I am. Next Sunday (May 1) is the Stockton Bicycle Club's Delta Century. 25-, 60- and 100-mile routes through the vineyards and levee roads north and west of Lodi. It is the Club's major fundraising event, and we donate about 90% of the net proceeds to a variety »»Read Full Post

Meet Artie D, the...

Also seen in the Stockton Chinese New Years Parade was “Artie D” the mascot for the San Joaquin Regional Transit District. Like so many other business mascots, Artie is portrayed by a person in a plush costume. The thing is, I don’t know what Artie is supposed to be. Pacific »»Read Full Post

Prep Softball Power Rankings: Vol. IV

http://youtu.be/DpfRlt6UkYY The top of The Record's coverage area's high school softball crop is playing at an unreal level. On Tuesday, it was as if multiple players were vying to become our All-Area MVP... a month early. Sierra sophomore Lindsey Walljasper fired a perfect game against Valley Oak League and intra-city »»Read Full Post

Sangiovese satisfies in all its forms

Sangiovese is one of the main grapes in some of Italy’s most popular and prized wines. Chianti, Brunello di Montalicino and Vino Nobile de Montepulciano all are Italian wines made from Sangiovese. They are deep ruby in color with dark fruit flavors and perfect with red sauced pastas, slow-cooked meats »»Read Full Post

Three Water-Wise Plants for Summer Color

With our spring temperatures already rising at times into the mid- to high-80s, this summer promises to be another hot one. Even the hardiest gardeners try to escape the worst of our midday Central Valley summer heat and the punishing sun. Yet while we might wilt, some plants keep plugging »»Read Full Post

Joe's Health Calendar

COMMUNITY EVENTS Walking and Walkable Communities Town Hall May 4 (Wednesday) 2 p.m.: The Every Body Walk! Collaborative, in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services, is excited to host a regional electronic town hall meeting for advocates and organizations in Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada. The Walking and Walkable »»Read Full Post