Route 66; road tripping with history and panache!

Road trip on Route 66; find history and mystery! “Get your kicks on Route 66”, goes the popular song from 1946 by Bobby Troup. My first exposure to Route 66 occurred summer of 1962, when my mother packed my two brothers and me in the back of a Ford station »»Read Full Post

Support your beneficial garden friends.

When I was a young kid imbued with the notion that most bugs are bad, I likely killed a few garden friends. I knew that lady beetles were good guys or gals and praying mantis were also friends. When I was in first grade, I took a mantis egg case, »»Read Full Post

Fourth time's the charm

A few weeks ago I decided to get some photos of the comet NEOWISE that just passed through our solar system. It was literally a once-in-a-lifetime event because it won’t return for 6,800 years. I read up on the comet. It was found by the telescope Near Earth Orbit Wide-field »»Read Full Post

Here in My Bosom...

And at Home...And at Home...And at Home... It seems like I'm cheating, quoting poetry by a contemporary of Shakespeare to fill up a blog. But Ben Jonson's poem "A Farewell to the World" seems so appropriate just now. The last three stanzas especially: Else I my state should much mistakeTo »»Read Full Post