Superb and spectacular sages

Look up the word “sage” in the dictionary, and the first definitions are typically those referring to a wise person or the culinary herb. But the word also applies to a group of ornamental plants well known and loved by gardeners around the world. Sage plants belong to the genus Salvia, »»Read Full Post

California’s Riviera; featuring Santa Catalina Island, Crystal Cove, Lyon Air Museum

Santa Catalina Island, Crystal Cove, Lyon Air Museum add spice to California's Riviera! Orange County, affectionately known as California’s Riviera, runs almost 40 miles south of Los Angeles, boasting world-class beaches and coves, surfers and cyclists, entertainment options galore, vintage and exotic cars, sporting events and fine dining. We had »»Read Full Post

Having your fill (flash)

Some of you may think that outside during the day is the best time to take a portrait because there’s plenty of light. That’s true but it’s not always the best light. The best outdoor light is early or late in the day when the sun is near the horizon. »»Read Full Post

They Call the Wind Mariah...

But cyclists call it something else. And we use words not appropriate for this G Rated blog. Riding in windy conditions is really irritating. I would much rather climb cols in calm conditions than ride on flat roads into a stiff breeze. And since we go slower into the wind »»Read Full Post