Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Your choice

This month’s Readers Photo Challenge assignment will be an open one, meaning that the choice of subject is up to you. You can approach it in a couple of ways. First, you can shoot something that interests you. If you like landscapes, then a quick trip to the foothills or »»Read Full Post

Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe; winter touring in Northern California

Cross country skiers on road to Glacier Park, usually snowed in from December to March (photo courtesy National Park Service). Our Scotty in front of Yosemite Falls last January; note, no snow in the valley. The Truckee Hotel is just north of Squaw Valley; and provides overnight accomodations. Rangers lead »»Read Full Post

Not this year...

I retired from full time employment in 2007. Since that year I have had plenty of chances to ride my bikes (all 4 of them, including the tandem). During those 11 years I have averaged 8,600 cycling miles per annum, with a high year of 9,200 and a low of »»Read Full Post

The birds and the berries

Fall is upon us, and with the season comes a profusion of color. But it’s not just leaves that bring autumn color and beauty; berries do too. Bird-friendly, berry-producing shrubs have a lot of environmental value. They help sustain and nourish bird populations, providing energy in the form of fruit »»Read Full Post

Police shootings: a new era of openness

Here is today's column on new laws allowing the public to see police misconduct records. There are catches and conditions in these laws. Overal, though, they are a big step in the right direction. Below is the complete statement by San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori-Verber Salazar on these new »»Read Full Post