Fugazi gets her answers

Recently,  Council member Christina Fugazi objected when discussion of a motion regarding the Advance Peace anti-gun-violence program was cut off before she could ask a raft of questions. Fugazi e-mailed her questions to Advance Peace head DeVone Boggan. Below is her letter and Boggan's answers. I am reproducing both so »»Read Full Post

Bucket list travel updates in the Western United States for the new year, Part 2

Western US travel "musts", update your bucket list for the new year, Part 2 Over the last two weeks we have offered 12 ultimate travel destinations in California and half a dozen additional western state’s destinations, suggested month by month. Here are the final six suggestions for the western US: »»Read Full Post

Outtakes: The last from 2017

Due to deadline constraints, both my slideshow of my top 52 photos of last year and my Top 12 list had to be done before the end of the year. I finished them in early December which still left a few weeks left in the year. So here are my »»Read Full Post

Inside the newsroom

It was about 10 p.m. Friday when reporter Almendra Carpizo texted me a Stockton Police Department announcement that an arrest had been made in the murder of Michael Donaghy, executive director of the Stockton/San Joaquin Emergency Food Bank. Donaghy had been found slain about a week earlier at a rental »»Read Full Post

Gardens as a metaphor for life

An acquaintance recently told me about a favorite and once thriving shrub that was in serious decline.  The problem: over time, branches from a nearby tree had grown and spread so widely that they were shading out the sun-loving plant. The only viable options: severely prune back the mature tree »»Read Full Post

Happy Anniversary Stoker!

Tomorrow Diane and I are going to celebrate the 35th anniversary of our wedding. We are planning an enjoyable day: we're going to a movie and then out for the great burgers and fries at the Lodi Brewing Company. But before that, we are planning to ride our tandem CoMotion »»Read Full Post

Joe's Health Calendar

COMMUNITY EVENTS Free Diabetes Workshops Diabetes can be managed successfully. Let us walk with you on your journey. Newly diagnosed or are you pre-diabetic? Do you need help managing diabetes or know someone with diabetes that you would like to help? These free workshops are for you. Wednesdays 10 a.m. »»Read Full Post

Smith Canal: State is still a partner

For those following the Smith Canal flood gate saga, here's some additional insight from Mike Mierzwa, with the state Department of Water Resources: "The State still supports the project as a cost-share partner.  In fact, it was included in our short list of US Army Corps of Engineers projects referenced »»Read Full Post