Readers Photo Challenge: Go climb a tree

“I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree…” - Trees by Joyce Kilmer Perhaps words can’t convey the loveliness of trees, but their beauty can be captured photographs. That’s what 16 readers did for this month’s Readers Photo Challenge assignment of “trees.” Trees provide cooling »»Read Full Post

A 'panhandler van' that offers 'the dignity of work'

Here's the TED talk by Albuquerque's mayor, Richard J. Berry, on ABQ's "Better Way" van. Here's the City of Albuquerque's home page for that program, with another video and more information. Here's the column on the van. »»Read Full Post

Exploring the High Sierra and Nevada while discovering a stunning national park you never heard of…

Beat the Valley heat; exploring the High Sierra and Nevada while discovering a stunning national park you never heard of along America's "loneliest road"… We're headed for a hot summer in the San Joaquin Valley. If you're looking for a way to beat the heat, find cool, scenic and high-mountain »»Read Full Post

Joe's Health Calendar

COMMUNITY EVENTS Brain Health to Beat Stroke 5K Run/Walk June 3 (Saturday) 7 a.m. registration; 8 a.m. rally; 8:15 a.m. run kickoff: Healings In Motion presents the BHBS Brain Health to Beat Stroke 5K Run/Walk, “A Fast Track to Stroke Awareness.” Event will be held at McLeod Lake Park on Weber Point, next »»Read Full Post

Trump education budget proposal gets "F" grade by Torlakson

In a press release sent on Tuesday, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson did not hold back on criticizing President Trump's federal education budget proposal, which includes cuts to teacher training, after school programs, mental health services and additional programs. “I give this budget an ‘F’ grade for failing »»Read Full Post

How do Lodi wines stack up?

For wine grape diversity and winemaking talent, Lodi is pretty hard to beat. Thanks to growers and winemakers embracing all that this region has to offer, Lodi is the most diverse wine growing region in the state. Though Zinfandel still is king, some 100 other wine grape varieties are planted »»Read Full Post

Creating a Hummingbird Habitat

Do you love to watch hummingbirds fly around your garden? Many gardeners are fascinated with the beauty and aerobatics of hummingbirds. The key to attracting hummingbirds to your yard is to plant lots of flowers and provide the habitat that will give them shade, shelter, food, and security. These birds are »»Read Full Post

No pivoting on Smith Canal gate

Elected officials showed no signs of backing off the Smith Canal flood gate project on Thursday, despite a bit of added pressure from the community. Three separate times, the San Joaquin Area Flood Control Agency board -- made up of members of the Stockton City Council and San Joaquin County »»Read Full Post

Yes, the 'Mobile City Hall' is indeed being bought with General Fund dollars

The City Council unanimously approved spending $100,000 on a "Mobile City Hall" during  Tuesday night's meeting. According to the staff report from Tuesday's meeting, there is "no impact to the City's General Fund or to any other unrestricted fund" from purchasing the Mobile City Hall. This is not to debate »»Read Full Post

Behind every photo, there is a story

Here’s the story behind my favorite Clifford Oto photo. Graduation at University of the Pacific is Saturday. And often at this time of the year, that event causes me to think back to 2011 when I sat in the stands at Spanos Center to watch my eldest daughter, Devon shown »»Read Full Post