Seed Starting Time is Here by Lee Miller

Correction: In last week’s column, the date of the Master Gardener Smart Gardener Conference was listed as March 8, whereas the date should have been listed as Saturday, March 3. For more information see the San Joaquin Master Gardener website. Why start plants from seeds? It is fun and challenging »»Read Full Post

Good moon rising

On January 31 the country was witness to a rare celestial event and I was determined to photograph it. A so-called “super blue blood moon” occurred in the wee hours of the morning of the month’s last day. The event was a heavenly hat trick of sorts. First, it was »»Read Full Post

Dog sled adventures; Pull power...traveling at the speed of dog!

Adventures in a Montana dog sled; awesome pull power, traveling at the speed of dog! A year earlier, we’d seen the kennel truck, with dog sled strapped to the top, of Dog Sled Adventures parked in front of Whitefish Mountain Lodge, Whitefish, MT. Five friendly sled dogs poked their heads »»Read Full Post

The incredible shrinking Delta conveyance: a timeline

Delta "isolated conveyance" proposals -- be it a canal, tunnels, whatever -- have generally gotten less ambitious over the years, at least in terms of capacity. But they don't seem to be any less controversial, if the reaction to the state's latest announcement is any indication. Just for perspective: • »»Read Full Post

Delta columnist has doubts about our big ships

Owners of the large vessels docked at closed-down Herman and Helen's Marina outside Stockton will assure you they are making steady progress restoring their boats. Columnist Pat Carson of Bay & Delta yachtsman has doubts: "Looking at the Aurora, the Fir, and the other ships I am sorry but I »»Read Full Post

Butterfly Effect Part 2...

The Federal Government is shut down this weekend.  People are wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth. The alleged reasons are DACA and a big wall, but perhaps the Cosmic Cause is Karma for a lucky couple. Consider the case of Stoker and me: if not for a similar shutdown »»Read Full Post

Inside the newsroom

It was about 10 p.m. Friday when reporter Almendra Carpizo texted me a Stockton Police Department announcement that an arrest had been made in the murder of Michael Donaghy, executive director of the Stockton/San Joaquin Emergency Food Bank. Donaghy had been found slain about a week earlier at a rental »»Read Full Post