Participation Trophies

I love Strava. I am happy to pay the $60/year it costs to unlock all of its features. The amount of data there is incredible: power curves, heat maps, heart rate numbers, feet of climbing. And segments. A Strava segment is a stretch of road that your GPS measures your »»Read Full Post

Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Parks in winter splendor

Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Parks, where animals outnumber people in winter... After almost 10 months of sheltering at home, doing primarily short local and a few regional travel trips, we’re facing lack-of-travel anxiety. We also had a two week ski trip planned, and canceled, with 40+ National Ski Patrol alumni and »»Read Full Post

Good enough to eat

During this time of the pandemic we’ve all spent more time at home and most of us have done more home cooking than we’re used to. Perhaps you’ve tried out new recipes and made new dishes that have been particularly tasty. Maybe you’ve tried to take pictures of your successes »»Read Full Post

Gardening on the wild side

Do you dislike well-groomed and well-defined landscape areas and plants? Perhaps you enjoy a more chaotic and diverse landscape that promotes wildlife and more likely mimics a natural environment. I have preferred gardening on the wild side. Sometimes we garden on the wild side because we must. At my previous »»Read Full Post