Readers Photo Challenge: Raise a glass

The subject for the June/July Readers Photo Challenge was “glass.” The difficulties for the assignment were twofold. First, photographing glass one has to deal with it’s physical qualities. Glass is often transparent so properly dealing with the background very important. It’s also shiny and one has to also look to »»Read Full Post

Cast in Stone...

Statues are coming down all over the United States. Some are being toppled in anger, and some are being removed in fear. This is not a political blog, so I'm not going to say what I think of this. Perhaps I am cheering as statues of Robert E Lee or »»Read Full Post

Bucket list trips; Visit the Pacific ring of fire, California to Washington

Visit the Pacific ring of fire, California to Washington, fun for young and old! We are now into 2.5 months of sheltering at home – reflecting on past and future travels. States across the west are entering into phased re-openings, as well as national parks, now’s the time to firm »»Read Full Post

The hows and whys of vermicomposting

If you’re looking for a productive and child-friendly summer project, this just might be it. The Latin word “vermi” means worm, and vermicomposting is the process of using worms to create compost. It’s a small-scale recycling process that converts kitchen waste to “garden gold.” Most horticulturalists consider worm compost to »»Read Full Post