Master Gardeners - we're here to help you

Have you ever wondered where to go for advice about landscaping or vegetable gardening? Does a pest problem have you stumped? Do you need guidance on how and when to prune your favorite specimen plant or fruit tree? Master Gardeners are here to help! The Master Gardener Program is administered »»Read Full Post

Reader feedback on a seemingly innocuous item

I found this voicemail quite interesting. The caller was referring to a tidbits column, titled Random Thoughts, that was published Wednesday in the Sports section of The Record and on The column contains tidbits about various sports-related items. You can read the full column by clicking here. The caller »»Read Full Post

Family-friendly vacation destinations – what is your favorite?

  Family-friendly vacation destinations – what is your favorite?     With the approaching holidays, families have the opportunity to discuss and plan a family vacation for the coming year. My own family, with two daughters, the husbands, three grandkids and we, the grandparents, have already begun the discussion. So, »»Read Full Post

Bloggus interruptus

I'm taking Thanksgiving week off. Have a great holiday, and I'll see you back here on Monday, November 27. »»Read Full Post

Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Sky high

The sky’s the limit for the newest Readers Photo Challenge because the subject for the assignment is literally the sky. This time of year is the perfect time to get photos of the sky. One can almost call it the “sky season.” With the ending of daylight savings time and »»Read Full Post

Joe's Health Calendar

COMMUNITY EVENTS Medicare Part D Health Fairs Every year between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7, Medicare beneficiaries face what for many can be a daunting task – re-enrolling in annual prescription drug coverage known as Part D that not only covers their specific medications but does so at the lowest »»Read Full Post

East Union HS release "thought exchange"

Students and parents of East Union High School are being invited by district officials to share their thoughts on how the school can meet the evolving facility needs. Called the Thought Exchange program, the public will be asked three questions relating to the current facility condition at East Union, as »»Read Full Post

Something fishy happened here

Last week's write-up about the discovery of a green sturgeon in the Stanislaus River got a lot of clicks. I suspect that's because it's so unusual these days to hear "good news" about Central Valley fisheries. One thing you might have missed in the guts of that story was how »»Read Full Post

Delta College Athletics Update

Mustang volleyball is ranked 7th in the state, 3rd in NorCal, and are 5-0 in the Big 8.  Delta has two wrestlers ranked top six in the state, Greg Viloria (4th at 125) and Branden Rullan (6th at 141).  Men’s soccer is tied for 2nd in the Big 8 and »»Read Full Post