The American River Parkway’s Jedediah Smith Trail offers alluring options

Take a cycling journey on the American River Parkway’s Jedediah Smith Trail... The American River Parkway begins where the American River flows into the Sacramento River and follows the American River east to Folsom State Recreation Area, just beyond Folsom Dam. The Parkway and its Jedediah Smith Trail offer a »»Read Full Post

The hows and whys of vermicomposting

If you’re looking for a productive and child-friendly summer project, this just might be it. The Latin word “vermi” means worm, and vermicomposting is the process of using worms to create compost. It’s a small-scale recycling process that converts kitchen waste to “garden gold.” Most horticulturalists consider worm compost to »»Read Full Post

Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Hold the phone!

Most of the challenge’s assignments are geared towards DSLR users. Those “big” cameras have great controllability in terms of exposure and depth of field and flexibility with their interchangeable lenses. But for this challenge, we’re going to ask you to put down those cameras, reach into your back pocket and »»Read Full Post

Smart Alec Software...

My Garmin 1000 died a a few weeks back. After 5 years and almost 1,000 rides, it was kind of like losing an old, familiar friend. I even wrote a blog tribute to it. But all things must end, even 'stay at home orders', or at least so we are »»Read Full Post