It's a dog's life

They're are called "man's best friend" and indeed they are among the most loyal of pets. Today is National Dog Day. to celebrate here's a gallery of dogs that I've photographed over the past 12 months.   »»Read Full Post

Player of the Game: Julian Serrano

The Franklin football team's quarterback was most impressive in his team's most stressful moments. Julian Serrano, a senior and returning starter, was placed under pressure a handful of times during the first half of his team's 26-21 season-opening win Friday at Linden High. But Serrano, wearing No. 3 and resembling »»Read Full Post

The distrust of Stockton instututions

I wrote a column on it here. It underlies Stockton politics. Now District 6 Council candidate Sam Fant, charged with voter fraud, says maybe the San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office should relinquish prosecution of his case. "Fant said he has “profound respect” for District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar but »»Read Full Post

Historic Michilimackinac Fort and the Mill Creek Historic Discovery Park in Mackinaw City offer living history!

Here is additional insight into two Mackinaw City, Michigan area attractions that bring history to life (see my Wednesday, August 24 Record blog feature for more detail on this lovely area)! The two are Fort Michilimackinac and Mill Creek Historic Discovery Park. Here is a bit of detail, right off the two »»Read Full Post

Joe's Health Calendar

COMMUNITY EVENTS Stockton Walking Celebration Aug. 27 (Saturday) 10 a.m.: Meet at Fremont Square (across from Public Health Advocates Office, 401 N. San Joaquin St., Stockton) for a large group walk, recognition and raffle. Information: Christina Peoples at (209) 762-1606. Learn to Grow Your Own Vegetables University of California Cooperative Extension UCCE Master Gardeners »»Read Full Post

Traditionally styled Champagne is being made in Lodi

LOCKEFORD – Eric Donaldson is making Champagne on a beer budget. Well, not really. Champagne isn’t Champagne unless it’s made in Champagne, France. But sparkling wine crafted in the method champenoise, a.k.a. the traditional method, can be made anywhere. And that’s what Donaldson is doing, and he’s only vintner in »»Read Full Post

Ready, set, flow

San Joaquin County is gearing up for the next big water tussle -- new flow requirements on the San Joaquin River and its tributaries, including the Stanislaus. By definition, if more water must stay in the river, then water users must take less. So you can see why this will »»Read Full Post

Explaining yesterday's wine ordinance vote.

While San Joaquin County Supervisors yesterday unanimously voted to approve revisions to the county's winery ordinance that defined events and set limits on guests and music, among others, the discussion to get there took a lot longer than you can imagine. The final 5-0 was reached only after supervisors voted »»Read Full Post

Multiple Mechanicals

Perhaps the moon and stars are misaligned. Or maybe our bikes are just getting tired from being ridden so many miles (I just passed 6,000 for the year.) Whatever the cause, recent club rides are being affected by 'mechanicals'. This is a cyclist's term for a problem with a bike »»Read Full Post

Improving Soil Health With Cover Crops

Cover crops are plants grown for the direct benefit of the soil rather than human consumption. They were known in ancient China and India and have been standard practice in many agricultural regions of the world, including colonial America. This changed in the 1940s when our WWII infrastructure was redirected »»Read Full Post