Readers Photo Challenge: Water, water everywhere

Water is the subject of the latest Readers Photo Challenge. It covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface and is the necessary ingredient for life. Stockon and San Joaquin County abound with rivers, canals, sloughs and streams. Readers sent in photos of water that they found from the mountains to »»Read Full Post

Sierra snow play at its finest in several seasons!

Enjoy Sierra snow play; recent storms offer incredible spring season of fun in I was all set to do a travel feature about the coming wildflower bloom in the Sierra foothills and Southern California – then the big storms of the recent weeks hit the Sierra and I have shifted »»Read Full Post

Where to Purchase Term Papers

Whether you are a teacher or an employer, then you could be considering receiving term papers for your business. If this is so, here are a few of the various locations you can buy term papers.The simplest way to find out whether there's an office supply store that essay »»Read Full Post

OC for an Older Cyclist

Someone posting on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram described our bike club as 'white privileged geriatric roadies'. I would call this hate speech if I could just stop laughing. The older I get the more obsolete I feel. I really don't want disc brakes or electronic shifting on my bikes, »»Read Full Post